No Spreadsheets Here: Upstack Portal Timesheet


As a young, fast growing company, one of the most important objectives we had was streamlining administrative tasks.  Our invoicing process was one of the first to get a complete overhaul.

The Secret Gatekeepers and Why I Hate Them

Nowadays there are a lot of people that want to outsource all or part of their software development process. There are several ways of doing that, there is the dev shop route where the company may outsource a project or they might choose to hire a single developer directly as a freelancer for a short-term project.

Keeping Time with The Upstack Slack Bot


Running a fast growing company is always fun, and new processes that we implement are often manual to start off with. Tracking time of developers is an integral part of our workflow and as we grew, we needed clever ways to manage it. 

Upstack and Invision Partner to Find Top Remote Talent

When I first met the CEO of InVision we realized pretty quickly that our vision and company values aligned really well and we wanted to figure out how to work together.

Impact: Building Products That Matter


 It is our belief at Upstack, that every company should honestly and routinely question who they are and why they are in existence.

MealPal Raises Another $20 Mill in Funding

At Upstack, it’s our driving passion to help fast growing startups build products that matter. Few startups are doing that as well as our client, MealPal.

Top 5 tools for Success in a Distributed Team

A distributed team is a group of people that work together in sync as a collective unit while spanning across different geographical boundaries and time zones.

The Do's and Dont's of Software Project Success

Bringing together an awesome team is the first step to pulling off a successful software project, but without the right structure there is bound to be major challenges.

5 Ways to Ensure a Happy, Productive Distributed Team


One of the best things about hiring distributed is that you can hire top talent no matter where they are in the world. Once you’ve put together your winning team, the last thing you want is for them to start feeling isolated and disengaged.

Ask A Dev: Adrian Taralunga


How long have you been with Upstack?

From September 2015, so more than one and a half years.

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