Embracing Diversity: Upstack in Brasov, Romania

                                                                      Upstackers in the Brasov office enjoying a cookout

Here at Upstack, we strongly believe that opening up the workforce globally is one of the smartest things you can do for the success of your company.

The Perfect Remote Workspace 

Chances are even if you have a traditional 9 to 5, at some point in time you have worked or will work remotely. This is the general direction of a trend that sees the world shifting to more remote work positions.

The Benefits of Working Across Timezones

As the sun sets and another work day comes to an end in one time zone, coffee or tea is being brewed to welcome the sun and the start of a new day in another.

Creative Collaboration in a Distributed Team

 At Upstack, we take “team work makes the dream work” quite literally. Almost nothing is done within our company without the collaboration of several team members, in fact, you could say productive and creative collaboration is the engine that has driven our growth and success over the years.

What Makes a Killer Daily Stand Up

 We’ve already established that for a serious start up, the daily stand up is an essential ingredient to the success of any project. Here are a couple tips to help you get the most out of that time.

How We Team Build with Raffles

 Any business’ success is a direct result of the ability of all of its members to cooperate on different tasks and projects effectively.

Digital Nomad VS Location Independence

As a 100% distributed company, we know a thing or two about the benefits of the digital nomad lifestyle, and have been at the forefront to witness the growth of the digital nomad phenomenon and an evolution of its demographics’ maturity, for a lack of better terms.

A Day in the Life of an Upstack Developer

Upstack has metamorphosed from a bootstrapped startup with three developers and a dream to become the go to remote development company for startups that want help building products that matter.

Embracing Diversity: Upstack’s Food Culture

If there’s one thing that can be said about our team outside of our coding skills, it’s that we have a healthy appreciation of good food that permeates our company culture.

The Sacredness of the Daily Stand Up

The daily stand up is a pivotal part of the development process for any serious start up. In the days of the waterfall approach to development, developers used to focus on achieving certain milestones, deliverables and functionalities.

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