Building team culture using Slack

Office definition: a room, set of rooms, or building used as a place of business for non-manual work. But, what do you do when you have a remote team? Simple, build an online office.

Building a Remote Development Team (in 2018)

6 Tools for Managing Remote Teams

Have we talked much about how we love working remote? Well... we really love it. But sometimes it can also be really hard to manage people with whom you don't have daily contact. Also, given the fact that we're spread worldwide, it can seem difficult to coordinate with different time zones and also cultures. We pride ourselves in great work ethic for which we have tested until we found what suits us best. 

Top 4 reasons to build your software team with remote talent

Through trial and error we have found here at Upstack that remote talent is quite the future. The barriers have been long broken and the universality of the English language makes any type of project work as it should.

Matching Devs to Projects

Transparency is one of the key features that makes Upstack to be different on the market. We have started with this differences in order to highlight our developers. Why, you ask? Well, because we came to the conclusion that we need a happy developer first of all. One happy developer will do great coding, will do it as clean as he can and he will deliver the product if not in time than earlier. All of these aspects keep a client happy as well. So why not put the main pampering on our own people?

Open Source Projects

Our Upstacker Adam Adamczyk has recently publicly uploaded his next open source project. As we found it quite interesting, we decided to ask him what is his opinion on projects like these and in the end what do you get from them as a developer. This is what he answered us:

Disrupting Tech With Distributed Teams


There is no industry that the pace of the evolution of business is more astounding than in the tech arena. The demand for developers is high and has been projected to grow 17% over the period 2014-2024 which translates to greater competition for the best developers.

Upstack Coding Challenge


One of the essential elements that set us apart is our people. Over the years, we've been able to refine our hiring process to find developers whose personality and skill set are great matches for the projects we're working on.

Ask a Dev: Milan Vasic

Upstack Wiki Pages

Here at Upstack, we're trying to gather distributed engineers from all over the world and build up the largest community of this kind.

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