Ask A Dev: Adrian Taralunga


How long have you been with Upstack?

From September 2015, so more than one and a half years.

Team Building with the Slack Bot, Donut

No one loves distributed teams more than we do here at Upstack. But we are well aware of the challenges that sometimes face disbursed employee networks. Luckily we have talented and creative team members who have thought of great ways to overcome these obstacles.

Alt Tab Has Been Rebranded as Upstack

Hi All,

Exciting news today! We are relaunching our brand as Upstack from Alt Tab. I wanted to share some info on why we are making this change with this blog post. 

Raising VC Funding: Improve Your Chances

Get Out There & Meet People

Venture capitalists will often acknowledge the crucial role that networking plays in the success of a startups ability to secure funding.Knowledge is power and knowing industry players and establishing relationships will be advantageous in the long run.

Top 5 tools for Success in a Distributed Team

A distributed team is a group of people that work together in sync as a collective unit while spanning across different geographical boundaries and time zones.Distributed teams provide immeasurable benefits for established companies and startups alike, but does come with its share of challenges.

5 Startups Killing it with Distributed Teams

  1. Automaticc — WordPress
“We are a distributed company, democratizing publishing and development.”

5 Traits to Look for in A Developer

Finding great developers can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. All developers are not made equal and sometimes the best programmer in the world may not be the best programmer for you. It isn’t only about knowing algorithms and codes.

Embracing Diversity: Alt Tab in Brasov, Romania

Here at Alt Tab, we strongly believe that opening up the workforce globally is one of the smartest things you can do for the success of your company. International talent will bring fresh ideas, different perspectives and even a different aesthetic to the work they produce— resulting in an overall better

A Day in the Life : Meeta V., Product Manager

How long have you been with Alt Tab and what do you do?

Around 3 years now — I was one of the first employees of Alt Tab after George Cretu (Alt Tab General Manager). I’m a Product Manager — I do analysis of the projects and make sure requirements are clearly understood by the developer. I also execute and document test cases.

Project Management Workflow — Asana

We can’t say enough about how invaluable Asana is to us as a collaborative work tool — we would not be able to build the awesome products we build without it. It’s such a great tool to keep a distributed team in sync. Here’s what our Project Management workflow using the app looks like:

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