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Here at Upstack, we're trying to gather distributed engineers from all over the world and build up the largest community of this kind.

Transparency: A Two Way Street

When we think about transparency, we automatically think about it in terms of developers being transparent to clients about work, while this is critically important, the responsibility of transparency doesn't just lie wth the developers, it also lies equally with the clients.

Creating a Supportive Network in a Remote Team

Creating a positive company culture not only makes your company one that will attract and retain the best talent, it can ultimately affect your bottom line.

5 ways to improve your productivity as a freelancer

Being your own advisor, setting up your own schedule and making your own rules is definitely one of the best parts of freelancing. But all of this can turn into your worse enemy.

Taking Your Idea From from Concept to Startup

Facebook, Uber, AirBnB, Google, PayPal and Apple are just a few examples of startups that all began as an idea or solution by individuals who saw an opportunity to explore a grander vision.

10 ways to improve your communication skills as a freelancer

Healthy communication is the best foundation for any business. Effective communication at the workplace is the key in establishing strong relationships and getting important projects done, especially when you're dealing with freelancing and remote collaborators.

Three Keys to Avoiding Developer Burnout


Even when you love what you do, burn out is possible. In fact, when you really love what you do burn out can creep up on you unexpectedly.

Project Management Workflow - Asana

We can’t say enough about how invaluable Asana is to us as a collaborative work tool — we would not be able to build the awesome products we build without it. It’s such a great tool to keep a distributed team in sync. Here’s what our Project Management workflow using the app looks like:

Over-Communication For Successful Remote Teams

It’s no secret that we believe firmly in over communication as the standard here at Upstack. If you reach out to a remote team member and ask how it’s going, it can be a frustrating experience to get a generic response like, “good”.

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