Written by Evelina StoianJan 13, 2017


I am sort of a celebrity at my favorite local cold pressed juice bar. Not that I’m on TV or a YouTube sensation (well not by everyone else’s standards, at least) but let’s say I’m on a first name basis with all the employees.

They all have an uncanny ability to know my order just by what day it is or what I’m wearing, maybe it is the copious amounts of spirulina, ginseng root and all the other good stuff they consume but point is they see a lot more of me than most of my family and friends. There are a few reasons for this phenomenon; free Wi-Fi, healthy snacks, a relaxing atmosphere and the fact that I work remotely. I’m not your parents’ version of a remote worker (sales, insurance, consultant, realtor etc.). I am a freelance social media manager and marketing strategist like many other talented freelancers that are becoming fixtures in your local juice bar or Starbucks (or anywhere there is Wi-Fi), and our numbers are growing. Some of the world’s best and most creative developers, digital marketers, graphic designers and virtual assistants work remotely and here are the top ten reasons to follow suit.

1. No more office politics

When you work remotely, you aren’t always your own boss, but that structured hierarchy that often stifles creativity and productivity just doesn’t exist outside of a traditional office setting, mostly because it can’t. Job security as a remote freelancer is equal to the quality work you produce, so you neither have the time nor the interest to engage in such distractions.

2. You are more productive and focused.

See point 1. And being in control of your work environment means that you can ensure it’s most conducive to your process. You know you best.

3. Less small talk, more meaningful communications.

Being communicative, even over communicative, is the key to success in a remote worker/client relationship. As a necessity, you learn to communicate clearly and concisely to make sure you and your client are constantly on the same page. And that’s a skill that’s valuable in life, period.

4. No more battling sleep in meetings.

Not that you’ll never have early morning meetings but working remotely usually means work time is more productive. So most meetings will be specifically about your work so you can stay engaged instead of fighting the sleep fairy while accounting is presenting reports that, quite frankly, have nothing to do with what you do.

5. Coffee or cold press? Your choice :)

Everyone knows office coffee is typically bad, if you are not one of the few to have that particular job perk. As a remote worker, it’s your budget, your choice ;).

6. You work and enjoy it.

Working as a remote freelancer, you have the freedom to pick, choose, and refuse projects. I am fortunate to work for people I like, on projects I’m interested in. I haven’t dreaded Mondays in a long time.

7. Personal growth and development

This is one of those automatic fringe benefits of remote life. Without having the physical presence of a boss to constantly “check in” with, you have to rise the occasion and become more accountable. This also touches on point 1, without that stressful sometimes intimidating constant presence of someone over you, you might just be surprised at how much your creativity and productivity flourish.

8. Work at your most productive hours.

A remote schedule is usually a flexible one. Not a morning person? Work when you’re productivity is at its peak.

9. You save a lot of money.

If you take a moment to step back and calculate the cost of commuting, you’ll realize it can get expensive enough to outweigh the benefits. You’d be surprised how much money you can save when you aren’t burning gas, paying for parking, buying a work specific wardrobe or spending money on lunch every day.

10. You always have the corner office with the view.

Two weeks ago, I took a conference call on the beach, in Jamaica. Beat that.



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