Written by Josh NasonJun 08, 2017

Finding great developers can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. All developers are not made equal and sometimes the best programmer in the world may not be the best programmer for you. It isn’t only about knowing algorithms and codes.

Computer sciences, like all sciences, also require a human element to make it function well. Programmers must be able to not only code, but should possess listening and communication skills that are equal to


or better than that ability to write code. Not many people have the patience and diligence it takes to work in high pressure environments and can keep a positive attitude. Attitude is also important — the development work can sometimes be tedious in nature and changes to code are inevitable and, let’s face it, nobody would want to work with Grover the grouch even if he were the greatest developer.

Here at Upstack, our HR department has designed systems to identify desirable developer traits and screen who becomes a member of our valuable team. Here are the 5 traits we think are most important to identify.


1. Great Communication Skills

An important element to any programmer is their ability to effectively impart information and in a way that it can be understood. Not everyone knows all the technical jargon. It’s the job of the programmer to be able to translate binary code speak to something us normal humans can understand. And even if the client is technically savvy, being able to communicate in a simple and straightforward manor can help boost efficiency and productivity.

2. Willingness to learn

With technology ever rapidly evolving, a mindset geared towards continuous learning is necessary to ensure the quality of work put out. Even experts in their field understand that they have to be constantly learning to stay relevant and on top of their field. And if being integrated into an already existing team, the integration is that much smoother if the developer is open to what he can learn from his new colleagues.

3. Rock star coding skills

Programmers usually spend more time fixing bugs than writing codes, great programmers know where to find any possible errors quickly and effectively as opposed to making blind changes which will fix one problem but cause other. A programmer that can diligently investigate code and locate any issue is the perfect developer.

4. An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Your developer should bring more than coding skills to the table, possessing a entrepreneurial mindset allows the developer look beyond their screen. A developer who is also an entrepreneur, can help quickly develop an MVP (minimal viable product), so that the company can get it product to market and begin generating income as soon as possible.

5. Passion

How passionate a person is about something usually is a good indication of their level of commitment. A python developer that spends their free time gaming, programming, building servers, or creating apps will simply have more experience, encounter more problems and work with a positive drive.

We’re very lucky to have a team of developers that all possess these traits an make them a pleasure to work with. Have a product to launch or a team that needs expanding? Drop us a line.



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