Written by Yossi MlynskyNov 16, 2017


 One of the best things about hiring distributed is that you can hire top talent no matter where they are in the world. Once you’ve put together your winning team, the last thing you want is for them to start feeling isolated and disengaged.

Here are my 5 tips to keep remote workers productive, happy and engaged.


Invest in their Growth


Take the time to find out what makes your team members tick on a personal level, talk to them about their goals, and help them learn new skills that will advance their career. Budgeting time and money for conferences, certifications, and tuition reimbursements are great incentives.


Keep it Fun




Unless it's about our work, we don't like to take ourselves too seriously. As a distributed team, in person meetings might be few and far between, bridge the gap by doing fun “virtual’ get-togethers in the meantime. At Upstack, we have a slack “social life” channel where people share images, inside jokes and chat about things going on in their personal life. It’s a great way to help our team feel connected despite the distance.



Recognize Their Accomplishments


It’s easy for remote workers to feel as if they’re contributions go unnoticed. If you make it a point to highlight their achievements, it reassures each team member that their work has impact. In a companywide exercise we recently performed, we discovered that knowing that they’re work has impact is the foremost driving motivation for our developers. Read more about that, here.


Stay Connected


At Upstack, we believe in daily stand ups. These daily meetings are essential to keeping us on track and on the same page for our development projects, and for other departments like marketing and sales, we have weekly meetings. Having these standing meetings help largely dispel feelings of isolation and disconnectedness.


Encourage Healthy Life/Work Balance




It’s easy to get caught in a workaholic pattern when your work and home are in the same space. Emphasize flexible scheduling and designated time off. If team members have accrued PTO, gently remind them to take advantage of it. This is one of the perks that attracts top tier talent to remote work.


Want more ideas about keeping team members engaged? Check out this blog post on team building.



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