Written by Yossi MlynskyJun 06, 2018


Have we talked much about how we love working remote? Well... we really love it. But sometimes it can also be really hard to manage people with whom you don't have daily contact. Also, given the fact that we're spread worldwide, it can seem difficult to coordinate with different time zones and also cultures. We pride ourselves in great work ethic for which we have tested until we found what suits us best. 

So, here are our 6 Tools for Managing Remote Teams:


1. Slack

Being completely remote and distributed means a lack of an office, so you would need a place to meet. Yes, you might be inclined to say "why not build an internal chat?", but we say that this is way easier to manage an on-growing business. Besides, you have benefits like:

2. Asana

With so many task management tools on the market it's hard to pick the right one for you. This is how we got to Asana. We use it for all areas of the business and also have it integrated in our platforms. We have created for each department it's own space from which we can manage our remote teams.

It's a great all round tool for managing any type of tasks:

3. Video Calls

 We haven't decided yet what we like best as we have tested so many options. We have used what's trending and also some that require installation, but we can't define a thing that would work for us in a stable way. Maybe a combination of them all. Indifferent of that, having a great tool for video communication is critical. We play with them on a daily basis from:

One of the main aspects why we use video calls is the fact that, in a remote team, it gives a human touch and a feeling of closeness with your team members. It can also be quite fun in sharing places or simply having an interaction with a colleague, that can be more personalized. 

4. Dropbox

Out of all the file sharing tools this one simply feels easy and what's more important: safe. Indifferent of what happens to your computer, you can be assured that your files will be there on Dropbox. No need to say more!


5. G Suite

To us this really is the ultimate email host and tool combo. Besides this it's great that:

Feel free to explore it and adapt to any tool that fits you and try different things. As a startup do try to invest in simple things so you can easily concentrate on the actual stuff to do and outsource the rest.


6. git

Working in any sort of modern environment you need a code repository for your code. The great fact about it is that it's a great way to:

This is a really great tool for managing a team and creating so much visibility in sharing the awesome stuff that is created in your company. 


We would love to get in deeper in telling you more on how these 6 Tools for Managing Remote Teams have made our lives so much easier and our business growing.