Written by Josh NasonJan 09, 2018

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Upstack has metamorphosed from a bootstrapped startup with three developers and a dream to become the go to remote development company for startups that want help building products that matter.

Now with over 300 skilled and vetted developers, from expert php developers to vetted iOS developers, I still make it a priority to find the best and most dedicated talent. The HR department shortlists candidates and then the team tests the skill levels and only select the most qualified individuals, read more about our process, here. We pride ourselves in being able to hire some of the best development talent in the world. Keep on reading to find out what an average day in the life of the Upstack Developer looks like.

Family time


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A good work life balance is important. A lot of our developers are parents, spouses, and significant others. Working remotely allows them the time they want with the people that matter the most. Over communicating helps us make sure that we are on the same page so our developers can schedule work time and personal time without letting one suffer for the sake of the other. This is really important to us here at Upstack because it helps to create the best atmosphere and happier, more productive developers.


Time for Self


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It is encouraged, supported, and celebrated when Upstack team members take the time to better themselves either mentally or physically. Most of our developers take the time to exercise, do yoga, meditate, or do something they enjoy outside of work on a daily basis. In our business, it’s common to face high levels of stress and, if left unchecked excessive exposure to stress will result in burnout. We fully support all of our developers taking some time with themselves to reboot and decompress on a daily basis whether that’s 15 minutes or an hour (every bit counts!). Taking regular breaks from work has been proven to boost concentration levels, problem solving skills, productivity, and creativity.


Daily Standup


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At Upstack, we live by our daily standups. Daily standups are brief meetings where clients, project managers and developers sit down to share updates, feedback, concerns and direction of a project. These meetings are crucial for both clients and developers, ensuring that everyone is informed and in sync through the entire process. It is amazing how these 15-minute sessions impact the success of our projects.


Checking communication, checking tasks and planning


The freedom a life of remote work can afford is not achieved without being able to plan and plan well. Our developers are armed with the information they need to be able to prioritize their work and plan accordingly because we are all about not just communicating, but over communicating. Communication is probably the single most important factor to ensure successful teamwork, and any day will likely consist of a combination of slack messages, emails, google hangouts and other mediums we use.


As a company of 300 and counting, it’s impossible to say what every one’s day looks like but these are definitely the commonalities you’ll find in most. I am proud to be a part of creating a company culture that encourages a fulfilling balance between personal and professional life.




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