Written by Alexandra GavrilaNov 19, 2019

Spoiler alert: exciting news ahead!

We're organizing this year’s Upstack Hackathon!

Today, more and more employees decide to work for a company not only to climb the career ladder or for financial reasons, but in order to gain knowledge. At Upstack, we strongly believe that our remote warriors need to feel they are continuously learning on their professional journey.

Taking part in an internal hackathon and meeting other members from the community with whom you don’t have the opportunity to work on a daily basis, is extremely valuable for anyone in our company.

The Upstack Hackathon 2019 is in line with the motto "Building a community that matters". Collaboration and sharing experience in the domain of programming is the main objective of this year's hackathon.

Main idea: The Upstack Meet-up platform/app

Upstack has a huge community of software professionals (#remotewarriors), a lot of which travel around the globe. By creating the Upstack Meet-up platform/app, we would like to encourage them to meet each other, while traveling and of course become friends, helping our community become more close-knit. Another cool benefit would be that users can also couch surf using this app. #coachsurfing done right!

The platform/app will allow users to see the map of the world, find #remotewarriors in locations that they want to visit, connect and meet up in those locations.

Teams will have 1 business week, prior to the event (2 December - 7 December) to work together on

The teams will be announced on the 27th of November

The teams will have 24/48 hours to finish their product, the work has to be done live (with all team members working in conjunction, on a skype/ meet call). Each team will have to record their live coding session, using a screen recording software.   

Hackaton week!!!

And the winner will be...

... Announced on December 12! 

Upstack will ensure that all teams have a repository prepared, so each team member has to share their git username that's going to be added to their team’s repositories.    

When each team finishes their product, they will submit it for review, along with the aforementioned business plan and recording.   

The judging will take place between the 9th and 12th December, with teams having to demo their product and briefly explain their plan.   

Judging criteria:   

On December 12 the winning teams will be announced and prizes sent to each winning team member!   

This year's Hackathon relates to the Upstack culture: organizational culture and how we like to view our community. We are all #remotewarriors, all our community members are #remotewarriors - distributed all around the world - so this year we decided to make the community more connected. 

Other than having lots of fun, this event is aimed to bring our blooming community even closer and even create some awesome teams from the start, that can be applied to some of our projects.

Building a community that matters is our motto these days. So, stay tuned for the results and the awesome apps that our colleagues will create. We'll announce them here so everybody can be proud, not only us!

Good luck Upstack teams! #remotewarrior

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