Written by Yossi MlynskyNov 27, 2017


 It is our belief at Upstack, that every company should honestly and routinely question who they are and why they are in existence.

Upstack began as Alt Tab six years ago and started as a bootstrapped startup with a handful of talented developers. Through successful projects and an uncompromising sense of purpose, we grew quickly to a team of over two hundred and seventy of the top 1% developers and established a reputation as the go to development company for serious startups who want to build serious stuff, seriously fast.


The Process


In the process of conducting our rebranding exercise, we took the opportunity as a company-wide initiative to sit down and discuss the core values that define Upstack. As an expanding remote development company with a team that spans the globe, it is always a rewarding experience to conduct workshops with teams of developers, human resources, and our sales people for the purpose of such meaningful collaboration. As a result of the exercise, we identified three core values for UpstackImpact, Commitment and Discovery. Impact was the most common thread voiced by every team member. Let’s explore what we mean by Impact a bit more.


FBShareImage.pngImage Courtesy of MealPal


 Our work with MealPal is a perfect example of a project with impact. Speaking to the developers who have worked and are currently still working with MealPal, it struck me how proud they were to have written literally the first lines of code for this project, pre-revenue, and now that same product has over $30 million in funding and 10s of thousands of happy paying customers in 8-10 cities worldwide. The level of impact a project has is directly connected to how great the people who are building it feel about the work they are doing, encouraging them to throw themselves into the creation process whole heartedly.


1-AccXFEuKfVnk4jao6uc6rw-1.jpegSome of the MealPal Team in NY


As a development company, we could easily be building lots of websites for law firms, or lots of other basic things, but that would not be true to the core of who we are. Our driving passion is to build products that people will actually use and enjoy. That to us, is real impact. Building products that are truly loved and appreciated by the end user, is undoubtedly our number one company value at Upstack. These determinations help inform the work of every single team member from development to sales and marketing. When our sales team is bringing on a new client, they can now ask pertinent questions, “Will this actually be used?”, “Do you want it built right?”.  At the end of the day, working on projects that align with what matters to us ensures that our work is fulfilling and that our clients receive the highest quality product possible.


If you haven’t established core values for your own company, I can’t recommend doing an exercise like this enough. It will reinvigorate your team and result in them performing to their maximum ability and capacity. Determine what matters the most and infuse that into everything you do. If you’re out there and you want build something that matters, connect with Upstack. I can guarantee that our level of commitment will be on par with your own level of commitment to your vision.


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