Written by Evelina StoianJun 19, 2018

Office definition: a room, set of rooms, or building used as a place of business for non-manual work. But, what do you do when you have a remote team? Simple, build an online office.


Of course we tried many tools until we decided upon Slack. And yes, those tools were efficient at their given time. But now, we cannot even imagine life without it. It's important to give your team a feeling of belonging and to create an inside culture as well, even if it's done remote. It's a great tool to use in any type of office for a matter of fact. You can easily keep all personnel in contact and in the same time keep contact also with your vendors.

Here's why we like it so much in building our team culture:

1. You can create channels

You can easily break up Slack and create your own channels for:

We found we can stay connected with each others in different matters without them interfering with each other.


2. The General Channel

A great way to keep everybody up to date with general issues for the company. Well... for us it's a bit different. Yes, we do post general info there but we also made it our place of gathering. We send pictures from where we travel, what hobbies we have started, lots and lots of food and any type of cool futuristic information that might be interesting not only to read but also try. We are a software development company after all.


3. Raffles

One of the many apps that Slack has is Rafflebot. An ingenious app that enables you to create and run raffles. What a great way to create even more culture in making raffles about local cuisine pictures or surrounding places or even traditions. 


4. Gif integrations

An awesome and fun integration that lets you search animated GIFs from a library. So useful in bringing people together and creating a fun team culture. You can have them:

So simple and effective to make work more enjoyable.


5. Integrations

Slack integrations are basically Slack apps that integrate with anything you want them to integrate. In the same manner you can build your own integrations within the Slack channel.

We use them for a bunch of our activities like:

These integrations are wonderful to keep track of what's going on in the back and also to make available all information to all company employees. Understanding productivity is a big challenge in any company. On a remote team the challenge is bigger to understand volumes of work and also to mobilize your people to act like one big team.


6. Slack bots

Bots are something like working with a virtual team member. They can help you out to manage your tasks, run stand-ups, poll the office, you name it. We use bots already developed in Slack as Donut, where we can pair developers that work on the same projects and let them enjoy a virtual coffee; and even bots created by us like our TimeBot that represents the TimeSheet for our devs that are working on projects and need to report their activity.


Of course Slack is endless when it comes to having tools and integrating them in your day-to-day activity. The great part is that you can use them from a vast variety that Slack already has, or integrate APIs and create your own unique versions.

Have you ever imagined life without tools that make it easier? We haven't!


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