Written by Evelina StoianApr 24, 2018


How long have you been part of Upstack's Community?

I’ve been here since October, so a little over half a year.

What's the latest project that you've been working on?

Latest one is a project from InvisionApp. I’m a member of the NEON team that owns a few different projects.  At the moment my main focus is on implementation of migration tools.


Any accoplishments on the last project, until now?

So far nothing special, but this is only at the beginning. One of the coolest things that I am doing now is mentoring an intern, so I'm quite happy with that as well.


Where's your favourite place to work?

Somewhere where it's really quiet. Either my home office or at my parent's place in their attic. That place served as my home office when I was still living with them.


What's your favourite productivity hack?

I try to keep all my tasks in a TO DO list. That way I feel I'm quite organised and know exactly what I have to do. I also love to take breaks often and rarely work 2 hours without any breaks. This way I keep myself fresh and focused.


What do you do when you need to get creative?

Play with my kids, listen to some music, take a shower, go outside and walk a bit or play basketball. After any of these activities my mind is quite clear and ideas plus creativity is on it's highest performance.


What's your favourite element in the work you do?

The fact that I'm constantly learning and taking on new challenges. Without these two, my life would be super boring!


What's your favourite thing to do when you’re not working?

Spending time with my kids, basketball and travelling. These are my top 3. Besides these I like to spend as much time as possible outside and enjoy nature.


What's your favourite way to relieve stress?

Definitely doing some kind of physical exercises.


What's your favourite joke?

Usually I love jokes about politicians and domestic jokes in general, but to be honest, most of them are very hard to translate in english.

But, here goes nothing:

After a plastics surgery the doctor ask the patient if she is satisfied with the size of her breasts. She answered: Yes I am, but now I want one more surgery to make my eyes a bit bigger! No problem madam, I’ll show you the bill! :)



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