Written by Sheetal MunjalSep 15, 2020

Online meetings may be a normal part of your team's daily workflow, but how to make them as efficient as possible can be a real headache. There are a lot of ways when it's time to look for tools to help you organize your virtual meetings. What are the best virtual meeting tools you can now use in your office, at home, or even in the office with your colleagues? 

Look at other tools and consider the resources available to get the job done, but first identifying your team's specific needs and communication goals will help you find the right software for you.

Document texts such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more - are all tools in your toolbox when you consider how to work together without limits. 

To get the most out of your web meeting tools, choose a package that offers all the features you need. If you are mainly holding small web meetings and looking for free web conferencing software, especially in the context of the shift to remote work, video meetings are extremely important in order to keep the human touch in our work.

The great news? There are options for you. You can extend the functionality of virtual meetings by using a variety of free and open-source virtual meeting software that comes under the umbrella of online meetings.

Video conferencing software

As business users move quickly from phone to video and make video conferencing their preferred mode of communication, they will also request new hardware tools to support their video needs. From sharing screenings to sending important files during a live meeting, meeting tools can make it easier to work with colleagues and conduct meetings efficiently. If your team has remote employees, video conferencing software could be another great way for team members to stay connected. Although each team is different, everyone benefits from an online meeting tool that at least provides video and audio functionality.     


GoToMeeting allows you to plan and launch virtual meetings and webinars, where users can log in and call to hear only the host speak. It is a popular cloud conferencing and a pioneer of the virtual communication industry. This is one of the well-designed tools in the market for conducting remote meetings through audio, screen sharing, and video calls. I like the fact that this tool blends in well with Chrome, Google calendar, and other apps, it makes my work easier.  


Zoom is an online conference application used for video interactions in businesses. Organizations including the Hubspot use the cloud-based platform to perform video and audio conferencing, as well as webinars for their staff. Zoom is a powerful tool that lets you hold meetings or even set up virtual meeting rooms that can be reserved by team members. Whether team meeting, group chat, or one-on-one sessions: Zoom enables a variety of virtual meeting experiences. 

Web Conferencing 

Web conferencing software lets participants hold or attend meetings online. It allows for VoIP based remote meetings, online video, instant messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing. Ensure that everyone can contribute to an online meeting solution that enables information exchange, whether by using web conferencing software or free, open-source virtual meeting software. Even if all these solutions are web conferencing solutions, a determined and collaborative effort by all participants is needed to do their part and be part of virtual meetings. 

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a common application for using your computer or phone to hold voice and video conversations. With Hangouts, you can integrate Gmail and other Google apps. You can sign in, download, and continue chatting and conferencing free of cost. With this, you can send calls, send texts, talk with a group, or place a video call, up to 10 people in a call. 


If you set clear meeting meetings and policies and send them to your team at least 24 hours in advance, it ensures that everyone is on the same page before the virtual meeting. Instead of just using your calendar to schedule meetings, you can use it to block out the free time for meetings to do deeper work. A virtual clock always tracks the time you have to start the meeting and stay up to date with a meeting tool like Docket. 

When evaluating potential online meetings, you should consider whether they include recording features, such as the ability to share the meeting with all participants, thus avoiding being distracted by notes taken during a meeting. If possible, you have a phone number for your team members that you can call quickly if needed. 

Bria Teams Pro

Bria Team is enabling the team to work together quicker than ever before. It invites team-mates with only their email address and more seats as team expansion show team action at a glance and even more voice services-all from the simple web-based Bria Teams Portal. With the online meeting software, you can schedule regular meetings to bring your team together over the Internet to share information and ask questions. If you are interested in planning and launching fast virtual meetings via screen sharing, create a unique room identifier that attendees can log in to when they want to meet. Bria Teams Pro offers to overbook for meeting rooms so they can be hosted without any hassle.  


Skype is a software that makes communication around the world. Millions of companies and people use skype to make one-to-one video and voice calls and community calls, send instant messages, and exchange files with people on Skype. The meeting software you need for a virtual meeting - on - can be very different from one that allows you to host a meeting with up to 15 people. Skype allows you to create group chats, allowing you to have free and small virtual meetings.   

With the right technology, your employees can remotely hold virtual meetings, collaborate on projects, communicate through real-time messaging, and hold meetings in real-time.  

As you start to hold more and more web meetings, you will want to learn as much as possible about the different types of meeting software. In order to make your virtual meetings as pleasant as possible for your team members, it is important that everyone feels comfortable communicating with each other.  

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