Written by Alexandra GavrilaMay 26, 2020

COVID-19 quickly turned into a global crisis, a completely different crisis than anything else we have all faced. Anywhere in the world, everyone is facing the same challenges. Face to face with uncertainty and the need for rapid adaptability, time is critical. 

We understood that, and even if for a short time the world seemed to stand still - we chose to see the full side of the glass and find opportunity out of uncertainty.

So, we carefully chose the ingredients we had in "house" and searched for the perfect recipe to help.

"What can we create with a great community of senior developers, distributed all over the world, affected in different forms by the same crisis, quarantined and with great energy to create fantastic things?"

And, as you can imagine... An amazing Hackathon was the answer! We got together to share ideas and find the best one to work on. It was a fantastic brainstorming session, after which we realized that we have to do things a little differently in the current context. So, after spicing everything that a Hackathon brings with a dash of fun, friendliness and our community's desire to build stuff that matters together, our Hackathon idea became a super cool CodeFest and we regret nothing!

A global challenge requires global solutions and therefore needs collaboration between a wide range of different perspectives and backgrounds. Nothing better for us. Our team consisted of members distributed worldwide, from Mexico, Spain, Romania and more; all united by the same desire: to build a product that can positively impact people during these times and beyond. 

Having an impressive community of top 1% software development talent distributed all over the world, we were able to mobilize an amazing team within a very short time, by activating the collaborative skills, knowledge, creative minds to create something powerful from the challenges regarding COVID-19.

We united a great team in a 48h online CodeFest.

As Charlie Chaplin said in his final speech from The Great Dictator - “You, the people have the power - the power to create machines. The power to create happiness!” - during this pandemic, we have the power to help others and make an impact.

The goal of this 48h nonprofit online CodeFest was to build a product that can be useful during and after the pandemic is over, which contribute to solving the most pressing challenges in the current crisis: both physical and mental health aspects.

We’ve had the time of our lives organizing this event, watching the team developing the product, and listening to their official business presentations of their awesome concept. It also has really been an excellent opportunity for us to get to know our wider community and for its members to engage with each other. 

Here are some amazing pictures from the team, during live coding hours. Camera shy or not, we definitely managed to get closer to each other, got to know each other better and we proved once again that our goal is not to build a database with developers, but to build a community that matters. 

Upstack Community Members Live Coding Together Google Meet

Let's meet the dream team

Antonio - Back-end and architect

Diogo - Full stack developer

Stefan - Front-end developer

Cesar - QA

Diana and Ada - Project Managers

Alexandra and Evelina - Marketing 

After 48h of hard work, a piece from H4H - Hack For Health - is now ready to be shyly showcased as a sneak peek. It's just a small piece, from a puzzle that can help the world during this period and beyond...

Upstack Hack For Health Landing Page



Because of the amazing team's synergy, because the work done and the team's effort was beyond words, because the resources, time, and energy of the 48 hours of live coding cannot be described, we tell you this: it's just the beginning of H4H. 

We are very proud of everything the members of this team have managed to do in such a short time especially since prior to the start of this CodeFest, team members did not know each other and never worked together. But it was chemistry from the beginning. When there is chemistry, there is success. When there is success... There is fulfillment and happiness.

And when all these come together... A picture speaks more than a thousand words!


Code Fest Members smiling and working together in a Google Meet call


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