Written by Josh NasonJul 06, 2018


I have considered freelancing for some time. But never really was I able to jump right in it. It felt strange to leave the stability, the constancy and all the other favors a 9to5 job offers you.

Being pushed by life, I somehow ended in the freelancing spectrum, changing not only my work ethics but also my whole trajectory. It was scary at the beginning, I must admit, as all new things are. But that made me fight a bit more for myself and discovered that I'm not the only one that struggled to be at the same working level. I learnt many things from other people as well, simply by reading their blogs and understanding that changes are scary for all people, it's only how you transform that.

In the next part of this blog I'd like to point out some of the things that made me stick to freelancing never wanting to get back. I'm going to take some examples of life improvements that freelancing can give you and also gave me.


Having joys that otherwise you couldn't experience

"Being able to create your own schedule, work from home (or location of your choice), often in the outfit of your choice, feels like a dream for many employees.


Being in control of your own career
"Many hours are often spent trying to climb the proverbial corporate ladder, which may or may not happen. When you work for large corporations or even smaller businesses, your career is largely in the hand of your employer, which is why many millennials try to fast track their careers by flipping companies. As a freelancer, I still want to grow as a professional and rise to the top, but my career is in my own hands. When I think about my long-term goals, I think about growing my business — not about my next promotion. Running your own business is actually the ultimate promotion, because there’s no one higher than you in your world." - Katherine Marko 


Getting better at self care

"My work suffers when I burn out. When my work suffers, I suffer. When I worked for someone else, I didn’t notice. There were colleagues to check the mistakes, lower expectations of me in general and I could always call in sick if I needed to. Now I eat well, sleep well and get exercise. If I don’t, I burn out fast. I’ve even taken up meditating with my Headspace App as a way to keep my mind fresh. Slowly over time, I’m learning what I need to do to keep the work humming both personally and professional."Leah Kalamakis


We've talked and talked and talked, a lot, about some simple aspects that can improve the quality of your life in general when it comes to freelancing. But, by simply browsing the internet you can find out that all of these are actually true.

For me, the most important aspect was being able to adapt my schedule to my own life needs. So I can divide my day without feeling stressed and without leaving things undone. I do not have anymore that feeling that time isn't enough. Time is exactly how you make it.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong work ethic, then freelancing may be the career for you.



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