Written by Sheetal MunjalAug 19, 2020

Work from home is on the rise for obvious reasons. Remote work is a working style; professionals work from home or from anywhere instead of an onsite office. This is in the trend for the comfort of the employees as well as employers. At present, most of the businesses and schools have allowed their employees to work from home because of the COVID19 pandemic to maintain social distancing.

The most important requirement for remote work setup is a computer and a stable high-speed internet, and that’s it they can opt for 100% remote work. Fast internet and affordable devices are available almost everywhere now all around the world.

I am working in a school and longed to work from home, which never became possible as schools never imagined going remote completely. Lockdown during the pandemic has given me a chance to experience remote work practices when the school work is shifted to work from home. What I have found is that the whole working process has been improved.

Here is my list of findings with the remote work that has made our lives better:

Zero commuting hours

This is my favorite part. Millions of us are wasting hours traveling to our offices. Remote work has canceled that unnecessary traveling and has added a few extra hours in our 24 hour day that we can utilize anywhere else where we want to. Another reason why it is my favorite one, this is also helping us in saving fuel for the next generations. Also, this is adding some effort to save the environment. One of the most polluted cities of India has experienced a tremendous amount of improvement in air quality when they shifted to remote culture.

“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.”       

                               Stephen Covey     

Remote work allows us to choose our own working hours

However, the tricky part is to set a routine to give your worthwhile time to your most important task. One can plan for a daily to-do list that suits the weekly plans. A tried and tested rule for a productive day is “Your first thing of the day to start with - eat the frog” (the most important task). A flexible time schedule allows us to plan the work as well as more things you wish to try as side-projects. This results in improved positive work-life balance. One good example of utilizing this extra time is to find time out for your hobbies or learn something new through online courses, which we otherwise spend traveling to our workplace.

No physical office leads to lesser expenses

When companies shift to a remote setup, they find out how flexible they can be about spending or not spending on items like physical office setup, rental values, and office utility bills. Most of the organizations are choosing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies for remote workers to reduce expenses. However, on the other side, the companies are offering to pay for a productive home office setup.

Better work-life balance

Because I’m working from home now, I have got extra hours every day that I am spending with my family. I am blessed with 2 sons. I am especially able to focus more on my sons’ academics and other fun projects. It is great to see how they are using their innovation in their daily work and play while growing and I feel amazing when I help them in improving a little bit. Not everything is explanatory, but this feeling of growing again with them is too good.

In the end...

Increasing demand for remote working opportunities and flexible working policies has made it convenient for us. It might take a while to adjust to overcome the challenges like good home office setup, dedicated hours, and place at home for work, so be sure that if you want to give it a shot, you have the capability to manage yourself and your time.

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