Written by Sheetal MunjalSep 17, 2020

There is an enormous amount of technology available in today's world which is having to have the greatest impact on children. Despite the growing presence of internet-based devices such as smartphones and tablets, there remains a lack of understanding of how children develop their concepts through technology and the Internet, and how they can influence the way they think and explore their environment.

However, some studies have pointed to the potential benefits of limited use of technology as long as it is respected as a hand - on the way to learning for young children.

Positive Impacts of Technology

Enhances Learning and Self-Expression

Students using technology tools may get better grades, and this group may need particularly positive self-expression. Technical tools for preschoolers can also help children learn early about how to use technology, based on digital literacy. Through increased collaboration in the classroom, teachers and students have increased opportunities for creativity and project-based learning to make academic education more meaningful. 

Improves Social Skills

Apps and technology-based devices can also benefit children with special needs and other disabilities, as they help improve communication skills and change the way children interact with each other. The constant availability of emergency services gives children and parents a sense of security that allows growth. Additionally, educational technology plays an important role in social skills development.

Improve Creativity

Technology as a whole gives children the opportunity to learn and try new things that can help them develop self-confidence and self-esteem. Kids learn more creative stuff and ways to express themselves using technology. Visual design programs, digital drawing courses, coding programs, and similar programming resources promote innovation for children. This provides different ways to teach the same concepts but in a new way.

Fosters Problem-Solving Skills 

If you have had a low-tech upbringing, it’s difficult to learn how to properly parent when it comes to using new technology. But, just everything in life, this is all about equilibrium and perspective. There are so many wonderful things about technology that if handled in a fair and responsible manner, can greatly improve the lives of your children and prepare them for a better future.

One of the best lessons your children are taught is that technology should still serve a reason. If it is a new mobile tool for your home or a sleek new robotic arm for surgeons, it doesn’t matter, there is a technology for solving problems. Help your children understand the technology and understand why it is necessary, and how it can be used for production, not consumption. 

Negative Impacts of Technology

When children are exposed to high levels of technology, they tend to think only superficially about things, but when they are used in excess and learn new concepts, children can develop the ability to think critically and be creative. This can also affect the way children process information and may cause problems in the future. Some technologies can have a negative impact on children when used to interact with their peers. 

Social Skills Disorder

When technology is introduced at a young age, it can be very beneficial, although it can have some disadvantages, such as lack of access to education and loss of self-confidence.

A child who constantly uses technology may be less likely to interact with other children in a social environment, which can have a negative long-term impact.

Mental Skills Disorder

Technology can offer wonderful opportunities, but it can also have negative effects on health and well-being. Technology has the potential to offer many positive benefits to learning, but children's brains are still developing and may be more sensitive to the effects of high levels of exposure to technology as adults. Overriding concerns about equipment costs or damage will limit the potential benefits and limit a child's use of technology in the future.

Technology Addiction

Well, too much time for tech is just as bad for us. Especially, if we relate the screen time to fun and enjoyment. Screen time, along with most addictions, causes major shifts in brain chemistry. The most notable of these is dopamine release. Dopamine is known as the ‘pleasure drug’, is central to a variety of addictions like sugar, cocaine, alcohol, etc. If we spend so much time on screens, then the more fun and becoming more screen-addicted

The use of technology, when used correctly and in moderation, can be beneficial to a child's development in conjunction with other activities. By limiting the use of technology and being aware of the potential negative consequences of overuse, children and adults can be reassured and forget more about the technology they are using.

The use of digital tools has had a positive impact on many students' development areas, including attitudes, learning, and self-esteem. These positive effects have been recognized in many areas of student development through the use of technology, with implications that can be important for the cognitive and social development of young people.

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