Written by Yossi MlynskyDec 05, 2017



Running a fast growing company is always fun, and new processes that we implement are often manual to start off with. Tracking time of developers is an integral part of our workflow and as we grew, we needed clever ways to manage it. 

As a distributed team that is spread across multiple countries and time zones you can imagine that keeping track of everyone’s working hours can get a little complicated. We originally used a google spreadsheet document, where developers were supposed to enter their hours worked for each day. Not only did this quickly become cumbersome, it also became ineffective as developers would forget to enter their time. This resulted in huge amount of chasing of developers and reminders to enter time. 


                                                                                  Slack is occupied, by friendly, helpful bots

That problem is what inspired our team to build a bot within Slack, one of our most frequently used collaboration tools. It has made time keeping a seamless, and infinitely easier process for our team members. Here’s how it works:

Image uploaded from iOS (40).jpg

Screenshot of our Slack Bot in action

This bot is a great step towards automation, which we believe is the way to optimal efficiency. We literally went from having to chase developers about entering time daily to zero need for any kind of chasing. It has allowed the administrative team and development team to interface in a much more efficient way. Stay tuned for more inspiration, ideas, and productivity hacks!


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