Written by Evelina StoianJul 10, 2018


Remote jobs require remote meetings. Recruiting is not far from this as well. Having a face to face meeting is much easier, as you can actually fully see the candidate, relate better and understand all non-verbal mimics and gestures. The same goes for a candidate to see and talk with the HR manager or whoever is hiring you.

In an online meeting, you have a much more difficult time relating better with your candidate/interviewer, but you also need to keep in mind some key tips.


  1. Get your hardware straight

Our phones are the easiest method right now in holding all types of online meetings. But isn’t this closer for friends? In our opinion, being in front of a computer, not only makes you feel like a more serious candidate, but it also shows your genuine interest in working in a remote company. Also, you would need a stable and reliable connection. No one wants to get dropped in the middle of the meeting.

We also recommend that you test out your preferred hardware on the meeting day, so you know everything is working properly and your connection is running smoothly.


  1. Proper location

The ideal scenario is a secluded room where you can put away distractions and noise. Preferably a room filled with light, with a white or generic background. It’s important from both sides that you can see each other perfectly without shadows on faces. And what’s most important is that nobody is bothering you so you can offer a real and personal interview with the other person.


  1. Manners

It’s really important to showcase the same manners you would in a face-to-face meeting. Greetings are important as well as small talk. So, don’t be afraid to engage with the other person indifferent to your position (interviewee or interviewer). Make solid eye contact by looking at the camera and smile at the appropriate times. Posture is important as well, so try to sit up straight and maybe even lean in a bit so it shows you are interested to listen to the other person. Even if you are an introvert you must understand that in a remote position communication is the key.


  1. What and when to write

Most online interviewers work directly on a platform, just like we do here at Upstack. But if there isn’t a platform, all HR people will write a lot of stuff down. Why do they do that? In order to keep key points of the candidate. In the same manner, the candidate can keep track of important info for the job he wants to get. Don’t be afraid to write stuff down. On the same note, it’s important to write a thank-you note if your meeting went great or to ask for some feedback and follow-up regarding your meeting.

In the end job interview is still a job interview, and the challenges remain the same if the interview takes place in person or online. An online interview shouldn’t change your attitude towards the conversation and the approach should be similar to an in-person one: mildly adapting rather than taking a new strategy on. Just make sure to pay attention to those little details that can either work to your advantage or not.

Keep in mind that everything you do in relation to the online interview will become information for the recruiter to analyze. For example, if you’re very nervous when operating the videoconferencing software, this will influence the recruiter’s opinion of you – just as it would if you showed initiative and problem-solving skills in the face of a technical challenge


Final tip: don’t get flashy or suggestive clothing. No need for a suit as well. We’re living casual times, so be casual. Mostly, be yourself and the meeting should very well go exactly as you planned it.


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