Written by Alexandra GavrilaMay 28, 2020

Online learning has been on the rise in recent years, and it’s really not hard to see why. On the one hand, online courses have become hugely popular with the virtue of being so much more convenient than traditional face to face courses.

It has to be the greatest revolution in contemporary education. It made a huge change in the system and opened great opportunities for everyone who wants to learn something, regardless of age and preferences.

During all this time, we have all realized something powerful here at Upstack: It won't be long until you'll be tired of calling friends on ZOOM, it won't be long before Netflix gets boring... And in the end, you won't be excited about online shopping either.

But, being in the process of continuous learning and transformation and being part of such a large community, we realized that one thing we will never get tired of is… Learning. Investing in ourselves. Growing together. 

That’s when it hit us!

Although we cannot change the current situation, we can change the personal context and we can choose to learn something new.

So it didn't take long and we started a brainstorming session, in our team on how can we participate in this learning revolution. We wanted to bring our DNA into it:

It was an interesting mix and we are happy to share with you that our new initiative is born


What is a Remote Warrior you may ask?

This is a term coined by the Upstack community, it describes all our amazing developers and industry experts who work from all corners of the world. 

How can you become one?

By learning to code alongside one of our coaches, our program will go the extra mile and will shape you into a Remote Warrior.

What to expect?

A one in a kind guided learning experience. Your remote coach will develop a custom plan for you tailored to your level and needs. Our approach is very hands-on and practical and focused on delivering a real-life software application.

In detail, you will get:

Never coded in your life?

That’s no problem, you’re in for a fantastic adventure!


In response to the COVID-19 situation, we are offering free sessions for all new Students. This includes FULL access to the Remote Warrior Plan with coaching (2 live coding sessions and more) and is 100% free for 7 days! There is no pressure to continue after the free period and you will pick up some essential web coding skills. We have limited spots and are looking for serious candidates.

In the end...

Life during this pandemic is not easy. We know it. We felt it! The days seem to have nothing special anymore and life may seem unfair. However, when you introduce a positive novelty to counteract the negative ones there’s where the magic happens.

Let's do it together!

Learn to code with a dedicated remote software coach. APPLY today & GET STARTED 100% FREE!