Written by Andrei MoraruNov 19, 2020

Learning CSS with Less - Course conclusion

In this last article, we are going to conclude the course on Learning CSS with Less. So, let's have some fun!

And so, we reach another conclusion to yet another course. We have gone through a lot of concepts pertaining to CSS and after going through each tutorial you should be more than capable of creating your own design for websites.

Of course, there are some properties which we have not gone over, but those are a tad more niche in their use, and dwelling on them would have just been unnecessary information for now. What I am saying is that I went through the most important concepts in this course because those are the ones that will help you get going in your web design adventure.

And speaking of this adventure, let's do a bit of rewinding.

At first, we needed to do a bit of setup and we learned all about Node.JS and the node package manager or npm. We then had to install a less compiler, since Less can't be interpreted directly by our browser. So we went with the aptly named less package.

Then, once we had our computer all set up, we started defining CSS and learned all about how every element in our web page behaves kind of like a box, and how each box interacts with the others. We learned how to position elements on our page, how to display them, how to place them on the left or on the right by floating them and of course, many more things about styling them using colors, images, width, and height, etc.

We also learned about some specific properties that only work with certain HTML elements like lists. And we also learned how we can override some CSS instructions so that, for certain cases, it behaves the way we want it to.

Then, we moved on to a really useful concept, an advancement of the box model called the flexbox model.

Finally, we learned the many ways in which we can measure stuff in CSS, how we can modify the look and feel of our website on certain devices using media queries and we also learned a little bit about some Less language extensions that allow you to write better code. We then ended with some cool effects and animations.

So, what now?

Well, the world of programming is a big one. Stay tuned for more courses on core programming concepts, for juniors and seniors alike.

Until next time, I wish you happy studying.

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