Written by Andrei MoraruDec 12, 2019

"A few months ago, from a simple idea discussed at a coffee shop, we decided to create a second section of our blog - the technical blog. Having such a beautiful and united community, a community of people with so much to say and to show - we decided to give them the chance to publish technical articles through our platform to get where they need to be - under the eyes of as many people as possible, helping those interested in learning new things, giving them new perspectives and more.

Said and done - we received some great articles, enjoying our collaboration with every member of this beautiful community - beyond the professional relationships with our clients. We gave ourselves the chance to get to know each other better, to learn from each other and more importantly, to emphasize once again a beautiful and creative community, with so many interesting things to share. Of course, many articles from our community are in the oven right now and will be coming soon.

The most beautiful part about such projects is the surprises that come with them! Andrei was one of those surprises. 


Because from one simple article sent, we got to draw another project together - a project that was born from his passion for programming, writing and of course... Music. What do all these have in common? We will let you find out - here!

Now, the project consists of a series of courses created by Andrei with a lot of passion and dedication, giving from his knowledge gathered during years of work and sleepless nights the chance to learn, grow and become our best version in the future. 

Everything is more beautiful when it is discovered step by step, so I will let Andrei do his magic with a brief introduction and I wish that every chapter of the course to be a great adventure for you all!" (written by Alexandra Gavrilă, Digital Marketing Specialist @ Upstack.co)


This course is your journey to learning everything about CSS, using the Less CSS language. Less CSS is a high-level CSS language that is compiled to regular CSS by using a compiler.

What this course offers

This course takes you from the very beginning and will offer tutorials that will discuss everything you need to know in order to understand what CSS is and how to use it. The topics of this course include:

During this course we will also write a bit of HTML code in order to test our styles, but nothing out of the ordinary. Everything will be explained as we go, so don't worry about it.

Target audience

This course is intended for anyone who wants to learn CSS from scratch and it can serve as a useful refresher course for anyone who already knows a thing or two about this programming language.

The contents of this course

In this course, you will learn all the necessary concepts regarding CSS while also learning about a somewhat advanced way of writing said CSS code, which allows you more flexibility than plain old CSS writing.

So, what will the contents of this course be? Well, we'll start off by setting up our environment so we can write and compile Less CSS code. After that, we will try to understand what CSS is and the very many concepts that make it what it is. We will learn all about margins, paddings, positioning, sizes, effects, animations, etc.

As I have mentioned in the overview, we will also write a bit of HTML code as well, in order to fully understand how HTML and CSS work together.

And yeah, that about covers it for this tutorial. In the next one, we will work on setting up our environment.

See you next time.

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