Written by Josh NasonMay 22, 2018


Transparency is one of the key features that makes Upstack to be different on the market. We have started with this differences in order to highlight our developers. Why, you ask? Well, because we came to the conclusion that we need a happy developer first of all. One happy developer will do great coding, will do it as clean as he can and he will deliver the product if not in time than earlier. All of these aspects keep a client happy as well. So why not put the main pampering on our own people?

From this point of view, we have started seeing projects differently from the perspective of the software developer. In this manner, we created our internal Matching System. We match new projects with developers.

Each time we get a new project that we think it’s great we insert it’s details in the Matching System: the needed technologies and frameworks on the project, key skills, number of needed hours on the project, number of developers and every other aspect that might be needed in it or that the client might ask from our developers. After inserting all details we simply hit the „Find me a match” button to get the needed developers for the projects.


Basically, this little app finds all suitable software developers from our current 800 developer data base. It filters first of all developers that have their main technology as the main technology needed on the project and of course, it categorizes them by the number of years in experience.

We can absolutely browse trough the results and un-tick every developer that we know might not be interested in a new project, or might be unavailable and hit a shout out to the rest informing them that we have a new project and if they want to participate in it.Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 16.47.31

This was one of the steps that made life a little bit easier here at Upstack. We managed to be more agile and insert more automatism's without loosing the human touch. 


"Before, we used to check manually for developers in our database, check their skills, their experience and speak to them over email/Skype/Slack to see if they are available and/or interested regarding a specific project.
Now, with our new Matching system, we get the list of developers who match certain criteria and we can refine before sending them the project details. Of course, we still speak to the ones interested, but at least we are not spamming them with availability messages"