Written by Alexandra GavrilaAug 06, 2019

At Upstack people are what makes our business great. We are powered by our people.

Upstack is all about our community and we believe it's essential to create a great working culture because we know that only then our remote community members feel valued, safe and happy so they can provide the best services to the clients. 

When it comes to company culture, we know that having one is a vital aspect of acquiring and retaining top talent and also can help our business to grow and succeed. 

For us, company culture isn't only about work benefits - it's more a set of shared vision, values and behaviors.

We truly believe that there is nothing better than having the chance to be part of a business with great company culture and just having the perfect work culture can reflect positivity and enthusiasm while encouraging productivity. 

What's important for us?

To offer a place for our remote community members that is more than just a paycheck at the end of the month.

Our goal?

Our #remotewarriors to look forward to working with us today and the day after tomorrow. 

Have we managed to reach this goal?

Fortunately, yes. When people chose us not because of the remuneration package, but because they have heard about our culture and they wanted to be part of it we knew that we achieved our goal.

"Positive culture comes from being mindful and respecting your coworkers and being empathetic."

Biz Stone

Here is just some of what we do to encourage a great working environment:

- Our remote online office: Slack

Slack it's a great tool to use in any type of office for a matter of fact. It gives our team a feeling of belonging and it's a main driver of culture creation. We easily keep in contact with all of our #remotewarriors, core team, and our clients.

The best aspects of our remote office?

Have you ever imagined remote-life without tools that make it easier? We haven't!

- Raffles

What a great way to create even more culture in making raffles about local cuisine pictures or surrounding places or even traditions. At the end of each #raffle, we have prizes for our participants. 

The raffles ensure that team members are motivated to share and interact and it also helps to generate content that is also used on social channels to tell the story of our company and give recognition to employees, which also supports our team-building efforts. These raffles have become so well received by team members and management because it has become the one moment every month where everyone despite their location can come together and share thoughts, laughs and everything else that it's not work-related and to create a lasting moment.

The raffle has moved beyond just the prizes awarded to an experience where everyone comes together, connected to something bigger knowing that they are not just isolated developers but part of a growing team and extended family.

- Upstack Hackathon

We've had a record number of community members registered for the event and that is simply awesome! Other than having a lot of fun, this event is aimed to bring our blooming community even closer and to create some awesome teams from the start, that can be applied to some of our projects. 

Moving forward and creating success is our motto!

- Upstack Connect

It's a chance for Upstack members to get together and discuss different entertaining and engaging topics, varying from company insights to coding aspects that might need to be taken into consideration from our top senior developers. Upstack Connect events are an awesome way to show off our talented community members and their achievements. We use Connect events to keep our remote network up to date with company news and create a space where knowledge can be shared. 

- "Ask a dev" blog-section

This is our blog series for discovering the talent behind the awesome products we build. We have an active community in which most of the members have blogs, vlogs or they have various activities which would be a shame to remain unmentioned. We support creativity and hard-work!

- Personalize our remote workplace or how we deal with the disconnection and empowering agile management to have a more positive company culture

Finally, after all the above, we can summarize everything like this: Upstack's company culture is created on combining personal expertise with communication. We all have new things to learn, roles to fill or skills to improve and for that, we have to strengthen relationships inside of the company. By doing this, we all feel engaged, motivated and creative, and this - you know - is key to performance.  

Our positive company culture is what sets us apart from our competitors.

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