Written by Alexandra GavrilaDec 05, 2019

Forging partnerships and building relationships with fellow businesses is vital to the progress of a business in any industry and is key to success. It provides opportunities to learn new things and can inspire you in your daily activity as a company. 

Here at Upstack, we are working hard on showcasing our amazing clients. Today's star...

Piggy - the easiest way to save money!

Piggy’s mission is to save people as much money as they can, that’s why they built their amazingly free coupon apps and desktop browser extensions.

They are constantly coming up with new ideas for things that will help users shop securely online, and that’s why Piggy has multiple patents pending for both it’s automatic coupon desktop extension and it’s first-of-a-kind automatic coupon mobile application.

Piggy’s users have confidence while shopping because they know Piggy will find them the best savings on the internet without them even having to leave the checkout.

And that’s why everyone loves Piggy!

Learn more about Piggy here.

Final thoughts... 

Overall, the breadth and depth of your relationship networks are more critical to your business success than your ability to define and build the perfect solution. These relationships empower you to confidently and aggressively take risks, continually innovate, and recover from losses and setbacks along the way. Your business is a community, not an island. You can't run it alone.

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