Written by Alexandra GavrilaNov 07, 2019

"We're here to help you move the world forward."

The above represents the mission that Instrumentl has and for us, it was a real joy to join a mission that inspires and motivates us every day to want to be better and to work hard.

In a world where everything is defined by chaos, in which we are always on the run, in which there is too much information that shades the essence - we need a voice to come and remind us that the secret to growth is helping others grow. 

This is exactly what our partners do.

You can think of Instrumentl as your automated grant assistant that saves you time and broadens your funding sources with a refreshingly intuitive online platform.

Once you set up your projects, Instrumentl does the legwork to match them with relevant grants. All of the grants Instrumentl matches you with are active funding opportunities with upcoming deadlines. Instrumentl pulls from corporate, private, federal, and even state funding sources so you don't have to search anywhere else. Instrumentl is bringing in new funding opportunities daily so you always have the latest information at your fingertips.

Instrumentl also has a built-in project management tool called the Grant Tracker that you can use to save your favorite grants, receive deadline reminders, track your progress, and even store notes & documents.

A brief introduction...

Founded in 2014, Instrumentl automates the grant search for nonprofits and academics. They have an office in San Francisco and thanks to the thousands of folks that are using this online platform, there's a little part of Instrumentl in every US state and country around the world.

They believe in the hard-working folks that accelerate social progress and propel innovation. That's why they think it's time for the lack of available funding to stop getting in the way.

What sets Instrumentl apart?

Being partners in crime gives us the chance to make the best of our time while moving the world forward!

We are lucky to partner with them and be part of their story, so we chose to tell you a little about them, but... You know... Every storyteller has its own story and it would be a shame for us to try to tell theirs.

So... Keep an eye on us. A very interesting interview is being prepared for you!

To be continued...

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