Written by Alexandra GavrilaFeb 11, 2020

Being able to hire experienced people and not taking into account their postal code is the best aspect of going remote.

Talented minds are all around the world! The fact that we can connect with them and hire them based on their knowledge is just amazing.

Some of the world’s best and most creative experts work remotely and we can see the reasons why this is happening, even if remote work might seem risky to adopt sometimes and people are still nodding their heads as listening stories about the flexibility and positivity that comes side by side with remote work.

It’s pretty obvious why once we decide to replace the traditional office with a cozy spot on our sofa at home can come with a ton of questions and insecurities, but there are some great and successful experiences with working remotely, one of these being our experience!

Upstack is an example of a successful fully-remote business and that’s because technology is driving huge changes in the type of work that people are performing and humans can access any information online and run cloud-based services, creating new processes, new jobs and a demand for new and complex skills.

There is a big diversity of skill sets and mindsets and maybe cultural backgrounds that hiring remote workers allow us to access and this is truly impressive and also very helpful for finding the perfect fit for the company!

From our perspective, there are some main reasons why work remotely is the secret recipe for growth and success:

1. Focus and productivity

It’s not a secret that people have their best ideas at home or in a cozy quiet place and not in a noisy office while being distracted by noisy co-workers and a lot of background noise.

2. Removing office time and politics

Following the office-rules is equal to the quality of your work, so instead of losing time with all sorts of office-politics, as a remote worker, you can invest all of your time for increasing your work quality.

3. Communication skills to the next level

Communication is the key to success for a remote worker and you can learn to communicate concisely and clearly and these are skills that can bring a lot of value in your work-life.

4. Growth and development

This is maybe the best benefit of remote-life. Not being intimidated by the presence of your co-workers and the constant presence of someone watching over you, you will be surprised how much your creativity can flourish!

5. Making your schedule

A remote schedule is usually a flexible one and that being said — isn’t this just amazing to work when your productivity is at its peak?!

6. Well-being and happiness

Studies are saying that remote workers have higher levels of professional satisfaction while being happier and more valuable.

7. You can have your office everywhere in this world

You can start your day on the slopes and end it in the airport heading to a new destination.

One final takeaway

Just keep in mind that flexible working practices come with benefits for both employees and employers, so take the time to make the right steps and to ensure that maybe it’s time for you to take some risks and go to the next level with your business — remote workforce with #remotewarriors!

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