Written by Alexandra GavrilaJan 14, 2020

Just a few years ago, if you walked into an office and asked how many people work remotely, you’d be graced by a sea of very surprised looking faces. 

Now remote work became not only possible but is increasing rapidly in popularity and showing absolutely no sign of slowing down; in fact, the majority of the US workforce could be working remotely in the next few years.

2020 is set to be a huge year for remote work; here are some trends to prove it:

1. Cyber Security in 2020

It’s important that remote employees use secure connections. Many companies chose to set up secure servers. In addition, they provide their employees with cybersecurity training, so that remote workers can know how to deal with a potential cybersecurity threat.

2. Even More Software in 2020

Remote working technology and software are likely to continue to develop in the coming years. Managers of remote teams want to find the best software to be share and communicate with their team.

Fortunately, new remote working-friendly tools are hitting the market. Tools like Slack, Teams or G Suite are ubiquitous. Furthermore, so many different integrations for these systems have been developed, and continue to be perfected.

Thus, in 2020 it is certain that companies will continue to provide more sophisticated software relevant to remote working conditions.

3. Chatbots in 2020

You’ve probably seen them around or even used one on a customer service site, or on an app. In fact, industry experts predict a big increase in chatbot-based communication in 2020.

Chatbots are automated conversational tools that can field or automate responses to simple requests or questions. For instance, processes, such as leave management, could easily be automated through a chatbot.

In the end… 

As a remote worker, it’s a great idea to stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry. Get ahead of certain trends and learn what you can do to make the experience better for everyone.

Even if you’re not a remote worker, it’s still a good idea to learn about the challenges your remote working colleagues face and what’s changing for them. Who knows, you may find yourself in the world of remote work soon.

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