Written by Alexandra GavrilaJul 07, 2020

It's ok, we've all done it. You register for a webinar, and when the time comes to log in, you find yourself too busy or not as interested in the topic as you were before, and you decide to pass on the live event.

But what if it’s different this time? What if participating in this webinar can accelerate your career development?

Because this is exactly what we have in mind - to offer you a new perspective on the future through our live webinar; where we don’t just aim to introduce you to the coding world, but also in the remote working world - a world where we have been for about 10 years as a company and which has taught us a lot.

As the saying goes, it takes money to make money. That is harder than it seems, however, when you are still not convinced if something is indeed right for you. You want to start a new career path in tech but didn’t have the opportunity to do so earlier, because you didn’t study programming... Luckily – going to a tech university is not the only way to start a tech career.

This is where our FREE CODING WEBINAR comes in!

The next time you get a calendar reminder that your webinar is about to start, it will probably be from remotewarrior.com. Don't dismiss it, because you can dismiss the chance for your career to take another shape, completely and utterly successful.

See it as an opportunity to invest in yourself. A long term investment!

With that in mind, REGISTER today for our next free webinar and let’s start together the best adventure of your life!

Become a Remote Warrior!