Written by Alexandra GavrilaOct 24, 2019

Leonardo da Vinci once said: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

We couldn’t agree more. In a world where everything is defined by complexity, in which there is too much information that shades the essence we need a voice to come and say: there is beauty in simplicity.

Unfold came with that voice and created a toolkit for storytellers helping them to create beautiful stories with a minimal and elegant template collection inspired by print editorial, inspired by the film and analog photography; a collection of templates rooted in self-expression and creative rebellion…

A collection of templates that reinvent the culture of the past.

Unfold app. takes your Instagram stories to the next level. The app. allows you to load photos from your camera roll, do simple-yet-creative things to them, then post them directly to Instagram or Instagram Stories. You’re not required to create an account. It’s refreshingly easy to use. Download now: FREE

We are all writing our story. Writing the story can be the greatest chance to escape sometimes...

The thoughts behind the Unfold story?

"Every moment is an opportunity to make our story as epic as we want it to be. We’re the makers, the dreamers, the doers. Crafting our stories and sharing them with the world.

To life long friends - we’ll always be there.

To the memories, we’ve made and the ones that have yet to unfold and to share them with those that matter whether they’re near or far.

We are the stories we create and the future belongs to the storytellers."

Unfold’s superpowers?

Creativity: "We build tools that empower people to be more creative. Creativity is in our DNA."

Adventure: "We break rules and push boundaries. We’re deeply curious and intuitive. We have a vision and we’re willing to take risks to bring it to life. We are visionaries."

Change: "We believe that storytelling is the most fundamental unit of culture. We strive to use our platform to drive change."

Equality: "We believe in equality for all people regardless of race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, beliefs, religion or ethnic background."

Collaborating with Unfold is a chance for us to live in the present and to enjoy the little things. Being partners in crime gives us the chance to learn that sometimes... Less is more. 

We are lucky to partner with Unfold and be part of their story, so we chose to tell you a little about them, but as we said: every storyteller has its own story and it would be a shame for us to try to tell theirs.

So... Keep an eye on us. 

A very interesting interview is being prepared for you!

Our partners have agreed to answer a few questions and tell us how it all started, how important Upstack is in their story and what's next in the following chapters.

To be continued...


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