Written by Alexandra GavrilaOct 01, 2019

Messaging has become one of the most popular methods of communication, whether it’s through text messages or messenger apps. It’s how a lot of people prefer talking with one another. 

Because of this, businesses are developing chatbots that you can message and talk to as if they were human.  More and more businesses, both large and small, are using them for online customer service, generating new leads, and making the sales process easier. Cost savings, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales conversion are just a few of the variety of benefits that chatbots bring. 

There are important benefits for clients as well: 24/7 support, instant answers and of course… Endless patience. 

It’s now a fact that chatbots have established their place in our lives and changes are always being made to improve them, causing them to evolve into sophisticated machines.

Now… It’s well known that we crave contact with others for support, wellbeing, and entertainment. Relying too much on the technology, you can lose that person-to-person feeling of customer interaction. 

For both large and small businesses, building an authentic brand and creating solid relationships with your audience is beyond important! Because of this, even if we are using chatbots and we integrate them into our activity, we understand that human interactions are the heart and soul of each business's success. Actually, the heart and soul of every business is still its people without whom the business will stop dead in its tracks. 

This is where our Success Managers (CSM) have their share of the stage. 

In today's world, Customer Success is given prominence over company profits and business success, and for good reasons - Customer Success is the best way to achieve all business objectives.

Why is Customer Success Management important?

Customer Success is a business strategy where companies realize business objectives by ensuring that their customers get the promised business benefits. 

Ensuring customer success brings about a significant positive impact on businesses as happy and successful customers are repeat customers and even bring new customers through referrals.

Human interaction remains a vital component of customer satisfaction, even in the ‘digital age’.

Our clients prefer dealing with human beings over digital channels to solve issues and get advice. Creating ongoing relationships, being aware of both clients' and developers’ individual needs is one of the most important things our Success Managers do. 

Processes don't do work, people do.

Here are some important statistics to keep in mind about chatbots and human interactions:

According to 2018 State of Chatbots Report by Drift:

One final thought...

Use technology to facilitate, not replace, human interactions. Emotional intelligence is a key factor in the way humans communicate. Bots are not able to replicate a human conversation in a fully natural way yet. Despite the popularity that chatbots have, customers still prefer speaking to a human as a first choice. 

This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Get started!