Written by Yossi MlynskyJan 08, 2018

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The daily stand up is a pivotal part of the development process for any serious start up. In the days of the waterfall approach to development, developers used to focus on achieving certain milestones, deliverables and functionalities.

That paradigm shifted dramatically as Scrum became popular about 15 years ago. It has truly become and industry standard and there is rarely a startup I’ve done business with that isn’t familiar with its methodology and way of getting things done.






When it was first introduced people didn’t realize what a unique and potentially revolutionary approach to development it was. These days, the value of the daily stand up and working in biweekly sprints is very much common knowledge. No matter what your approach whether it’s the pure scrum method, or a Kanban approach, it’s safe to say that in either approach the daily standup has become a pivotal part of people’s day. In my opinion, it’s absolutely sacred and here’s why.



It’s A Time to Connect


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The daily stand up should be respected by everyone as a time to connect. The idea of the daily stand up can easily be dismissed if you see it as just a time to get your tasks in order. Each developer may think, well yea, I know who to message or call or text for the information I need, but especially in a remote team this time of the day is essential to connect with your team members on a deeper almost spiritual level. Coming together as a team will not only make sure you have what you need to complete your tasks, but will also set and maintain the tone for the overall project. This is how developers can feel a part of one unit regardless of their location.



It Brings the Human Element back 


A lot of time people forget the human element of their development team. Developers can use this time to feel heard and discuss obstacles, or impediments to their progress. If you use the daily stand up as a not to be missed opportunity to re-focus and reconnect your team, I promise you’ll be blown away by the results.



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