Written by Andrei MoraruJun 02, 2020

The relationship between a client and a company is often a bit more complicated than it should be. And this is mostly because of unrealistic expectations. What I mean by that is that some companies go and bid for projects they know they don't have the people for and then start looking for the people specialized in the area the project requires. A good example of this would be to bid (and win) a PHP project when you have no PHP developers handy. This will inevitably cause delays since finding the right people is a lengthy process. The client loses, the company loses, everyone loses in such a scenario.

That's why I believe the process in place at Upstack benefits everyone.

For starters, you as a client don't need to wait for months on end for a developer to be available, and that's because Upstack makes sure to only take on projects for which developers are already present in the network. And even when projects with newer technologies appear, we make sure to have developers ready to start when the project requires. That's also down to the fact that the recruitment process is fast and swift. And since it can be done entirely remotely, it is easier for both parties, since interviews can be scheduled when it fits best for everybody.

Another thing that benefits the client is the Client Success Manager.

The person which is designated as being the CSM for a project makes sure to select the developers which match both in tech skills and in personality with the client. Everybody is different in one way or another, and not everyone clicks with a certain type of personality. That is why the selection process, both in the hiring process and in the working process, makes sure to assess that you are a match in all areas.

The role of the CSM does not stop there. The CSM also helps out developers to get accustomed to the working conditions, which are different from one client to another. And should you have any concerns or questions, the CSM is there to answer them for you.

Basically, you can think of the Client Success Manager as the person responsible for making sure you as a client and you as a developer can work together in harmony. This relationship works best when everyone involved (clients, developers, and CSMs) is trustworthy.

For each project, there is also a trial period.

Mismatches happen sometimes sadly. And for each project, there is a two week period when you can decide if the working agreement is good or not. Maybe you as a developer find the project to be not what you expected and you find it hard to adapt. Or maybe you as a client find that the developer you have chosen doesn't fit the exact type of personality you were looking for. That's why the two week period is there. Time is of the essence and it's pointless to spend a lot of time in something that you feel cannot work out.

From the perspective of a developer...

I also find this process to be really good for another reason: there are people responsible for looking up projects. And if I feel I am a good fit for one, I can apply to it and see how things go from there. Plus, having a network and company filled with people I can trust and who do not sell me unrealistic stories is a welcome break from the reality of embellished job descriptions.

I definitely recommend you give Upstack a chance, be it that you are someone looking for developers or a developer looking for your next project.

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