Written by Josh NasonSep 17, 2019

Programmers working in the field for even just a few years have already seen the rise and fall of several programming languages and tools. 

Software development is a dynamic field so it's key to keep an eye on the future trends that could aid the process.

Sometimes it's difficult to find the best out of the rest so here are the top 3 programming languages for the future:

1. Python 

What do developers use Python for? Nearly everything! It's a real favorite for both beginners and experienced developers, not only because of its simplicity but also because of its ever-growing demand. It’s a general-purpose programming language, which is used to build tools and libraries. 


- Python provides a large standard library

- Productivity and speed 

- Learning ease and support available

- User-friendly data structures


2. Javascript

JS serves as a great foundational language. It’s the high-level, interpreted scripting language. Javascript is swiftly catching up to challenge Python supremacy. The reason? Because of its ease and ability to support full-stack web & mobile app development. 


- Easy language to learn

- Comparatively fast for the end-user

- Procedural programming capabilities

- Versatility


3. Rust 

To almost anyone with interest in programming, Rust is exciting. It’s a pleasure to work with. It will become a real treasure in the future. Rust combines the speed and control of a lower-level language with the tools, safety, and debugging provided from a high-level language. One of Rust’s major draws is its speed. All kinds of developers love Rust and knowing Rust will likely help you in the future and means learning all of the same things needed for low-level languages. 


- Memory safe

- General-purpose language 

- Efficient C binding

- As fast as C/C++

The choice of programming language totally depends upon the purpose of what it is going to be used for. So... Go ahead and make your choices! It's good to have deep analysis at your side but at the end of the day, it's you who should feel confident and comfortable. Your choices will decide your future so make it wisely based on research and the kind of growth you are looking for. 

How can one language be more exciting than another? That's one secret for another blog article. 'till then...

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