Written by Evelina StoianOct 02, 2018

Here at Upstack, we value first of all diversity with all its differences between us. It's what bring us together and cements our relationships. As we are working only remote, getting to know each other can be a bit hard and tricky. That's why we created the Upstack Connect.

The Upstack Connect is a chance for Upstack members to get together and discuss different entertaining and engaging topics, varying from company insights to coding aspects that might need to be taken in consideration from our top senior developers.


Upstack Connect events are an awesome way to show off our talented community members and their achievements. We use Connect events to keep our remote network up to date with company news and create a space where knowledge can be shared. 

We love involving our community in the day to day running of the company in as many ways possible, and we create our events around the needs of our awesome community. 


We try hard to keep our ever-growing community in a state of happiness to be here and work together without any issues. For this, we do really need to engage with the community and at times over communicate, just to be sure we're all on the same page. 

With all being said, we want to show you one of our most entertaining meetings from this month, presented by our awesome front-end senior developer Victor Dozal. You can also check out his blog here.

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