Written by Evelina StoianOct 24, 2018

Hey all!!! We're organizing this year’s Upstack Hackathon.   

We’ve had a record number of community members registered for the event and that is simply awesome! We’re really pleased to have them all competing in this year’s event. 

The 2018 Upstack Hackathon is our biggest hackathon to date, featuring 7 teams that will work to build awesome products, that not only are sound from a technical perspective but are also thought out from a business perspective.

Teams will have 1 business week, prior to the event (22nd Oct - 26th October) to work together on:

The event will take place between the 29th October and 4th of November. The teams will have 24/48 hours to finish their product, the work has to be done live (with all team members working in conjunction, on a skype/ meet call). Each team will have to record their live coding session, using a screen recording software.   

Upstack will ensure that all teams have a repository prepared, so each team member has to share their git username that's going to be added to their team’s repositories.    

When each team finishes their product, they will submit it for review, along with the aforementioned business plan and recording.   

The judging will take place between the 5th and the 8th of October, with teams having to demo their product and briefly explain their business plan.   

On the 9th of October, the winning teams will be announced and prizes sent to each winning team member.     


Judging criteria:   

  1. The effectiveness of the product being built 
  2. The quality of the code - code review   
  3. Panel presentation: a short demo + presentation of the business model   


Other than having lots of fun, this event is aimed to bring our blooming community even closer and even create some awesome teams from the start, that can be applied to some of our projects.

Moving forward and creating successes is our motto these days. So, stay tuned for the results and the awesome apps that our colleagues will create. We'll announce them here so everybody can be proud, not only us!


Good luck Upstack teams!