Written by Evelina StoianOct 31, 2018

We presented you last week with one of the happiest news, that we're doing our 2018 Remote Hackathon. We previously stated that 7 teams will race against each other in building the most versatile app of their choice.

Unfortunately, out of the 7 promised teams, just 3 made the cut. Still, we're really excited that we have 3 teams for the all 3 competition prizes.

We want to share their app ideas with you so we can encourage them best:


1. Team 1 - Expansion

Team 1 will be expanding the existing Upstack platform by enabling developers to modify their profile and developing two pages: a project tracking and technical resources page.

The project tracking page will allow developers to track projects awaiting a response or that have been marked as interested. Any project marked as interested will display on the project tracking page until the posting has been closed. Projects marked as not interested will be removed from the page. Projects that appear on this page will utilize the existing candidate matching system.

The technical resources page will allow developers to expand their technical prowess. If a developer has an interest in React.js, the page will offer resources to enable them to learn the new skill. 


2. Team 2 - On my Way

Team 2 will be developing an app that quickly sends a predefined message to a predefined recipient, in the simplest, most efficient and quickest way, requiring just a single tap. Rather than manually writing a message, one could simply open the application, and tap on a big button, which automatically takes care of sending a message to a recipient/s of choice. 

The service is implemented by a mobile app, which runs on a smartphone, and a backend which will run on AWS.


3. Team 3 - Kalimotxo

Team 3 will develop an online system for bartender rating app. An application designed to enhance the relationship between customers and servers by providing a platform for feedback based on individual service. Users who use and engage with others in the application will benefit from social feedback and receive rewards for their participation and positive performance.

The goal of the application is to allow people - local residents, business travellers and fun-seekers - to find top service in their area.


We wish them good luck once again!


One of our missions here at Upstack is to progress. Only way you can do that is with people.