Written by Evelina StoianNov 14, 2018

Our 2018 Remote Hackathon has come to an end. We are again really proud of all the teams that participated in it. In the end, we had 2 amazing teams that did an awesome job in creating 2 great projects.

We’ve had the time of our lives organising this event, watching the teams develop their products and listen to their official business presentations of their awesome concepts. It also has really been an excellent opportunity for us to get to know our wider community and for its members to engage with each other. 


The Winners

The winning product turned out to be a bartender rating app, called Kalimotxo, the name of a wine and Coke mix in Spanish. The team behind it (Bogdan, Hassan and Mauricio) have really shone, creating a complex proof of concept as well as a comprehensive business plan. 

Both have highlighted their awesome skills, experience and understanding of the industry in which they intended to operate. 


One of the best things about Kalimotxo is their bottom-up approach. 

This means that they understood that it would be quite hard, and time-consuming, to start working with bars, pubs and restaurants at a managerial level and this app is focused on the clients and bartenders, putting the power of software in the hands of the user with the goal of showing it’s awesome power. 


The team that came in second, Expansion (which featured Devin, Andrey and Omar) turned out to be mind readers. Their plan was to build an expansion for the internal Upstack developer platform, which turned out (without any input from Upstack Management) to mirror the exact backlog of our CTO. That was truly extraordinary to witness, as it made it clearer that what we’re trying to build is close to what our users need. 

Their product turned out great indeed, and it was terribly tough to make a distinction between the two main contenders. In the end, team Expansion came in second simply because team Kalimotxo had cooler stock images for their mock users. That’s how close it was. 


A couple of words from the teams and organizers

The Hackathon was such an excellent experience for everyone involved in organising it, attendees and our larger community that we’ve decided to Organise two Hackathons every year, one in the spring and another in autumn. 


One of the best things about the Hackathon for me was that I was able to work with so many members of our community, to organise something that was not only a clear benefit in terms of creative thinking and development but actually the best event I’ve worked on this year. 

I’ve learned a lot during this time, and for sure that next year’s Hackathon is going to be our biggest and most successful yet. 

Robert Dragne - Senior Success Manager 


Our experience in working on this Hackathon has been excellent, we have learned how to better work together over different time zones and with different skill sets. 

We’ve found an approach that worked, we’ve scripted the product and researched its business plan. 

Once that has been realised everything was just fun and coding in a great team atmosphere. Given the awesome feedback from everyone, we are sincerely thinking of actually continuing to work on this product and marketing it. 

Loved it.

Team Kalimotxo - Winning team


The Hackathon actually taught us so much about working remote, although we are all remote developers, in this team one of us was based in the US, one in Thailand and the other in Egypt. This resulted in quite a large logistical challenge as we were in such different time zones. 

We’re so pleased to have come in second, and for the awesome feedback we’ve received, given the quite extraordinary circumstances in which we’ve carried out the work. 

Team Expansion - Runners-up 


We can say that our 2018 Hackathon has been successful and quite motivational for other developers that want to take on a new one. That’s why we have already started to prepare for next year and the Spring Hackathon.