Written by Alexandra GavrilaApr 14, 2020

There’s no longer a surprise to anyone that we are going through an uncertain period, a period of crisis in which each of us struggles with different emotions and insecurities. While isolation is an effective measure to minimize our exposure to COVID-19, as with most drastic changes to routine and lifestyle, it poses other risks to our health and wellbeing.

Because our aim is to help society in any way possible and during this crisis, a lot of businesses and people need a little bit more care and attention, we thought that a challenge that would get us out of the rut, focusing our attention on something different is exactly what we need right now. So... Here's the challenge!

Upstack Hackathon 2020 | COVID Relief

Upstack developers from all over the world will gather in a 48-hour coding marathon to put their skills to good use and create an app that would both be beneficial in this Covid19 pandemic and for the future. 

This will be a great example of tech at its finest! A big team with members distributed all around the world, a driving mission and some crazy quick coding skills. 

What will happen?

NOW is the best time for all of us to gather our energy and inspiration, to create something amazing, to offer, to help and to... Be helped!

As Charlie Chaplin said in his final speech from The Great Dictator - “You, the people have the power - the power to create machines. The power to create happiness!” - in these times, we have the power to help others and make an impact!

Stay tuned - more updates to come! 

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