Written by Alexandra GavrilaSep 24, 2019

At Upstack we are powered by our people!

Scaling a business it's not a simple thing to do. It takes a lot of effort and from the beginning, we had to wear different hats on our way to success. We are experts in our field and we have a very rigorous screening process to identify the best! 

6800 interviews, 26 countries, and 650 developers "later" we can tell that Upstack is a growing number and we are all passionate about growing our exclusive network of the top 1% of the world developers.

Leading startups are looking globally to grow their product teams with top remote talent. Upstack is trusted by top companies. Our clients know that we are the extension of their team that is taking concepts and turns them into products.

Why leading companies trust our teams? 

Upstack developers have all undergone a rigorous 8 point hiring process to ensure their top tier communication, personality, and tech skills; they are a dedicated full-time part of your team using the latest tools to enable daily video meetings and team participation. 

Upstack developers are...

Upstackers push themselves forward with a relentless desire to learn and grow - no hand-holding needed.

We're proud of every line of code we push, making sure to always adhere to development techniques that ensure success now and in the long-run.

We want to build products that users love and are tirelessly committed to doing so - Upstackers are involved in the dev community and treat every product as their own.

We establish trust through consistent actions, not words - working regular hours, communicating proactively, and responding quickly just as you'd expect from key members of the team.

Our engineers are battle-tested and know the best ways of getting things done in remote teams - and a track record of doing so.

We can code just about anything!

We understand the importance of extending your team with the exact talent you need, right when you need it. Our network covers just about every language, framework or development skills you need to make your business successful and build products that your users love.

With our global reach, Upstack is at the forefront of changing how the best technology companies and most talented people partner to build the future.

Many startups are facing challenges with finding top talent that fits their financial scale. Our unique solution for hiring the best independent remote developers addresses all of these concerns. 

'It's about results, not where your postal code is.'

One of the most important factors for our success is...

We are growth pros. Contact us so we can help you grow!