Written by Alexandra GavrilaJun 09, 2020

Hiring remotely the top 1% talent worldwide can be challenging. Most of the usual elements you rely on when traditionally hiring someone disappear in the remote hiring context considering the cultural, regional, organizational differences and more. 

While the benefits of hiring remotely are huge in value, filtering out hundreds, if not thousands of applicants remain the main challenge, but building a global pool of candidates in the remote world is perhaps the most important factor.


Because a global pool of candidates means you hire faster. And time is the most valuable thing we can spend.

Leading startups are looking globally to grow their product teams with top remote talent, saving time, money, and resources. Why limit your search for developers in your local area? Dare to embrace the remote culture - you will not be disappointed.

Overcoming remote hiring challenges with rigorous vetting processes

At Upstack we match the top 1% software developers from all over the world with positions at some of the best US companies. Obviously, we can’t afford to make bad matches. Or even better said... This is not even a valid option for us.

Core to our approach is a highly structured 8 steps vetting process. Vetted candidates make hiring smoother, and ensures from the very beginning the success of the collaboration with our clients.

Upstack developers have all undergone a rigorous 8 points vetting process to ensure their top tier communication, personality, and tech skills. In other words, we know that although we are talking about a technical world, soft skills are also very important. We can't talk code and expect to be successful, right?

So, testing both the hard and soft skills help us build a strong bridge between the business-talking client and the technically-speaking developer.

At a baseline, we’re trying to determine if someone can contribute to the success of our clients in a meaningful way.

The bottom line

There are several ways to vet tech candidates. Of course, you can use only online assessment software such as Codility, HackerRank, and others - and automate the process.

It's also possible to only vet developers without automated tools. 

But we really feel that we don't want to give up the human touch in the vetting process - because, in a remote world, collaboration and communication with another human being may be worthwhile and weigh more than anywhere else. 

So we create a combination of the two and come to our clients with a community of senior developers ready to accept any challenge.

Vetting senior tech candidates can be quite an adventure, it's true. But who doesn't like adventures and challenges? Only by accepting them we can truly grow and succeed!


At Upstack we help you grow your business faster. We connect you with the top 1% developers in the world.

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