Written by Sheetal MunjalAug 28, 2020

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live and the way we work. Still, there is one field where our industry is lacking behind, and that is to attract and retain top females' talent in the world. The situation is the same for the developing countries to the developed ones. Technology is the industry of the future with a lot of opportunities for progress, where you can learn, grow, and niche into your passion. 

According to a survey, the world’s few percent of women are indulging in tech roles. Some people argued that this is because women have a lack of confidence and they lack skills in tech. And some told this is because of a lot of years of gender stereotyping and policies that discriminate against women.

Many women have to take permission from their families to pursue their careers and show this to employers. It’s surprising that many women are still fighting with these injustices. These issues have lowered the rate of women in the graduate pipeline especially in STEM (subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Here are some ways which we can do to make things better in this field.

Female focused workplace benefits

Some companies give good perks and incentives to the employees like nap rooms, free snacks, team parties, and many more. But when talking about the female-focused benefits like a respectful working environment, flexible working hours, salary satisfaction, maternity leaves, there is not too much attention in these areas. Companies must follow at least government-defined policies in favor of women such as post-maternity leaves, improved flexible working hours, etc. Workplace policies should be flexible enough to allow career-oriented women to create a work-life balance instead of thinking about quitting the job while dealing with more responsibilities post-marriage and post-baby.

Recently, Zomato, an Indian restaurant aggregator company, has welcomed a new policy that allows 10 days paid leaves per year for periods for women and transgenders. It’s a really progressive move and I believe that more companies should welcome these kinds of bold changes.

Gender-neutral recruitment process 

Traditional male and female roles are still questioned in the workplace. Most of the offices are routed in the same conventional parameters. To attain gender-balanced employees, tech companies need to make flexible recruitment that takes into account women’s needs and aspirations. 

Instead of deciding by yourself, that field and tech jobs are not for women, and let’s say… Design jobs are for women, we should organize more gender-focused hiring with a neutral 1-2 week trial period. This approach will help in breaking a lot of notions at your workplace.

Inclusive work culture

A workplace with a reputation of a hostile environment for women will naturally discourage women from entering there. Companies have to review the policies and work culture that is not female-friendly. Another way to use inclusive language is the use of signs rather than verbal signs. Some phrases can be used that educate users about shared places like washrooms. It would be good if companies have at least one woman in the core committees to vote on workplace issues like fair treatment, equal access to the opportunities, teamwork, and collaborations, dress code, and other gender diversity issues. 

Promote women to management and Leadership roles

Large gender gaps in employment and income persist all over the world. We can choose the female role models that suit our business and make visible to other employees. Most of the tech companies are now deputing more women at higher levels and giving them higher positions so that they can be role models for the others. Here are so many female role models, who changed the tech world. A few of them are:

And many more... The list is endless. This is such a motivation to see their work who has proven already to the world that the tech world belongs to all.

Empower women in the workplace

A really positive way to encourage females in the tech world is to develop mentorship programs for females. The policy of equal pay for equal work irrespective of gender, equal promotions, ensuring a safe work environment, female-friendly benefits at workplaces have encouraged women in the tech world. 

In the tech world, there are enormous opportunities to grow. Some of the leading tech companies are taking actionable steps to advance women in the tech world. If a woman has great ideas, let her come ahead and share it with the world.

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