Written by Sheetal MunjalSep 29, 2020

Effective communication management is important for leading teams and raising morale during times of chaos and confusion - as it is now. But what if one of the top assets was never engaging with employees? And what if members of the team operate remotely. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was difficult for many administrators to keep workers updated and make them feel comfortable when operating at a distance. 

If you understand the importance of communication skills, your team will surely understand the important role communication plays in their work and success. These steps will help you to use your improved communication skills in your leadership career. Help create a work culture that improves communication, improves relationships, and leads to better performance.     

If you notice that poor communication leads to your team making mistakes or missing deadlines, you may want to choose exercises that improve basic communication skills such as listening, empathy, and verbal development. 

Get to know each other

You can help team members get to know each other better, build trust through team activities, and develop their skills and experience by delegating tasks and ensuring that everyone takes on these tasks. Another way to improve your communication skills as a manager is to help your employees understand the broader strategic goals of your organization, which may be evolving rapidly at the moment. Know where your team members thrive, where strengths arise naturally, and build a strong team that improves teamwork

Get a team communication app

Today there are a lot of communication tools. The reason they are so common is simply that they’re that contact. The main reason to use an app for team communication is to have all of our most critical contact at one location. It soon becomes tiring to keep track of emails and messages in multiple apps so we only moved to use one app for work instead. When structuring your communication channels with your team, consider what it needs to know and when, and what tools are most efficient to provide this type of information. To name a few, tools like Slack, Skype, Google Meet are great for team collaboration.   

Leaders speak up

Beyond the above tips, only a little patience, confidence, and persuasion can help you communicate information more effectively. By helping your team members realize that their communication skills - and how they even affect your customers - are just non-verbal cues, you can improve their ability to understand your customers’ needs and ultimately help build trust as the foundation for a strong partnership. Possible strategies include working on your management skills, working with your listening skills, and working through your communication skills.    

Identify the common goal, and vision clear

Another way to improve your communication skills as a manager is to help your team understand your company's broader strategic goals, which may be evolving rapidly at the moment. Education can help everyone to communicate better, and they will communicate well with you as leaders. Your team will be more coherent and successful and communicate better with its customers.    

Don’t forget to motivate

By encouraging your team to ask as many questions as possible, you can solve problems and provide a platform for team members to share their ideas with other teammates. Talking to each team member face to face can improve communication and eliminate the lack of non-verbal communication. Employee Conversations - Chat promotes communication so that each team member can learn more about themselves and communicate more effectively. To improve your team’s communication, use chat features to keep everyone connected.     

Improve verbal communication skills

By improving your communication skills, you can improve your ability to communicate empathetically and build trust in your team members and yourself. If you want to build a team with a strong sense of humor, empathy, and willingness to share, personal storytelling is a great tool to build teams by developing your communication skills.     

Identify common themes that you hear when listening to your team members’ responses, and identify what you want to see in your communication style. 

Work on your listening skills

If you are at the receiving end of the communication, another way to improve your communication skills is to actually listen and accept what you say. This is a confidence-building tool for employees if they have your undivided attention and can help them improve their thinking skills   

Good communication is critical to leadership and helps create a better team and positive experience for everyone who interacts with you. Strong communication skills in leadership can foster trust, motivate, help team members to be as productive as possible, and help them to work more effectively.

Celebrate achievements

Treat your employees with respect, celebrate teamwork, make concrete feasible wishes for them, demand honest feedback, and act accordingly, treat yourself as an entrepreneur and team leader, and treat them with respect. Start conversations with your teams about the future of the team and work continuously to improve your own communication skills.  

Good contact with management is a prerequisite that business leaders steer their teams through any significant changes. It’s also a skill set that a lot of managers need to improve. Whether you work with a team in the office or remotely, these tips don't just help You will become an effective communicator, but it will lead to a more efficient team and a stronger relationship with your customers.

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