Written by Yossi MlynskyJan 22, 2018

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 We’ve already established that for a serious start up, the daily stand up is an essential ingredient to the success of any project. Here are a couple tips to help you get the most out of that time.


 Make It Quick




Some people take this to the extreme and limit each person to 2 minutes or less. While that can be good, and might be enough some days – teams should also remain flexible, allow for team members to go more in detail if necessary and even use it as a bit of a hangout time.


Cover the Essentials


These basics should always be covered: what did you work on yesterday, what will you be working on today, and whether are not you are faced with any impediments to your progress. If more in depth discussion that exceeds 5 minutes about in anything in particular is needed, this is a perfect time to schedule separate, additional calls or meetings.


Use Video Calls


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 One of Upstack's first Stand Ups via Video Conferencing

Especially in the case of remote teams, I find that video conferencing does a lot for making distributed members of our team feel connected. We tend to use Google Hangouts a lot, but I have also found Zoom to be a great tool as well. When I first started Upstack, my initial vision was of the best developers in the world coming together through video conferencing to build awesome products. Fast forward to today, and that’s exactly where we are as a company. The above photo was the culmination of years of hard work to get to that point.


When it comes down to it, there are no hard and fast rules for what a stand up should look like. You should do what works for you. That being said, with over a decade passing since the introduction of the scrum method, people have started to learn from each other about what works and what doesn’t. These are just a couple of our best practices here at Upstack that have proven themselves and keep us on track.



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