Written by Lukasz KupsApr 30, 2020

Coronavirus is changing the world for sure. Above all the negative outcomes I'm trying to point out a positive one - remote work opportunities.

Remote work surely is not for everybody. But many people though are hoping that having an option to work onsite or 100% remotely becomes a standard, not one of the rarest (and most wanted) benefits.

I am one of those people.

I worked at least partly remotely during my whole career, and later on a full-time basis. I love it. It helps me keep the work-life balance without wasting time and nerves for commuting.

When the world becomes a remote playground

Due to the pandemic, many companies offered their employees the option to work remotely.

And based on what I see on my daily newsfeed, many employees don't know how to make the best of this huge opportunity.

Some of them are people I personally know, some of them are just random folks from the internet I follow via Social Media.

Binge-watching TV/HBO/Netflix shows. Playing games. Losing time on Social Media. 

Slacking off has many names.

I believe some of these activities haven't been really made during their work hours and was just a joke. Unfortunately, I am 100% sure some of them were for real.

Instead of taking advantage of the received chance, there are people that treat this situation like some extra holiday time.

Thanks to unfortunate circumstances we now have one of a kind opportunities to show how remote work can actually work.

And what are we doing instead?

We prove that without supervision we are not able to do anything meaningful.

We show how little our employers can rely on us when we're really left to our own with work to do.

I know that sharing such photos/tweets/stories with snacks on desk and consoles turned on in the middle of the workday can be a joke - but is it really for our employer? Do you build up his trust with such behavior?

So please, don't be that person!

In the end...

I really hope that the home office option will be the new open spaces from the early 2000s - extremely popular and with huge credit of trust from the employer's side, but way more suitable for doing actual work.


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