Written by Alexandra GavrilaJul 30, 2019

Do you know why your Upstack profile is an important part of being a full-fledged professional in front of the clients?

One of the most regular mistakes when it comes to updating your profile or resume is to only update it when you are actively on the lookout for a new job opportunity. 

Unfortunately, there are several downsides to this: 

Employers are always on the lookout for professionals who stay ahead of the game. An updated profile is a clear indicator that you are open to change and it can guarantee to draw potential client attention. Updating your profile not only highlights your latest professional achievements and skills but also presents you as an active job seeker eagerly looking for a job.

You will never know when an interesting career opportunity might come up, especially as a remote worker, and you need to be prepared if and when that will happen.

Imagine your dream employer searching potential candidate profiles on Upstack’s platform and passing your profile over with disinterest because it came across as out of date and characterize you as a complacent candidate. You don’t want that, right?

Keeping your profile updated can be a magnet for exciting job opportunities. Don’t lose that! 

In other words, your profile is your chance to show – not to tell – the quality of your work and the value of your expertise. It may be time-consuming and it can seem not important to you, but it definitely is very important in the eyes of an employer!

And what about unexpected opportunities!? It’s clear now that all the best things in our life happen when we don’t expect them. Your profile is no different – though we usually get a job by spending a lot of time actively looking and applying, there could be times when a flattering opportunity unexpectedly knocks on your door. Be always ready to open that door!

For that, Alexandra, our Profile Specialist, will give you some tips from inside to help you keep your profile updated and be the first choice for any potential customer.

1. Profile picture – your brand image

Your profile picture represents your personal brand. Make the first impression – a smiling, professional portrait can be your business card to the next level. A smile radiates warmth and clients want to feel they can trust you before starting to collaborate. For that, your profile photo is an important part of the equation. Deliver a representative picture of yourself that reflects a professional look.

2. Accuracy and relevance of your profile

Providing relevant information in your profile will position you in a positive light, which will make you memorable enough for catching the client’s eye. You don’t need to talk only about yourself. It’s true the fact that clients want to know about yourself, but they’re infinitely more interested in how you can help them to achieve their goals!

3. Highlight the best work in your profile 

It’s advisable to mention your most noteworthy pieces that reflect your niche and help prove your specialization. It’s less important to mention all your previous jobs – unless they are relevant for your current position, of course – but it’s more important to focus on the workplaces and experiences that paint your professional credentials in a positive light. Your profile should always present your most impressive side – that can help you to stand out from the crowd. 

Here are some examples you can follow:

4. Mention your latest professional qualifications 

Mentioning these in your profile ensures that your profile is up to date and all of your latest professional skills can highlight the fact that you actively pursue career development opportunities. Publishing articles, technical blogging or maybe vlogging can be a great way to show off your expertise!

These are easy steps to follow. The best part of this? By carving out 15 minutes every month can be enough to give your profile the polishing-up it needs. In front of the client, you will show that you are ready for a new challenge and you will always be just a cover letter away from bouncing back into the job-searching area. 

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