Written by Evelina StoianJul 24, 2018

Our business is mainly set for remote working. So, an office at times is out of the question. But, our Romanian team has set up an office as a place to gather and socialize a bit. Luckily we feel so at home at our office that our GM has decided to bring Oscar (the french bulldog) as a companion and serious developer. The office has never been more happier and, to be honest, more productive.

It changed our life and we hope we do encourage you to change yours, by bringing your dear pet to work. Here are some of the awesome things to take in consideration:


1. You get greeted every morning

Not all people are morning people and not all employees are confident in socializing with other coworkers.  Yes, you might chat with your peeps a bit in the morning, but nothing compares to seeing this face greeting you:

In plus, having an office dog is a sure way to improve your on boarding process and a fabulous ice breaker for new employees.


2. Best free employee

Office dogs make the perfect employees. They will show up every day with a big big smile, ready to do their job around the office, and they'll never ask for anything in return. (Although rumor has it that Oscar gets paid under the table in fruit treats.)

3. They represent the company

Unofficially, a doggy will become the company's mascot. A role that they are not only happy to take but also proud. Oscar likes to fiddle with our Upstack caps. Wearing them... eating them... whatever makes it fun for him.

4. They will make you excersise

Of course dogs can stand still for a second. But just a second! Getting you distracted from time to time can actually improve your work. Many times we don't realize that we spend more than 1 hour standing still in front of your monitor. This is not recommended by doctors, so a mild distraction from the work dog can actually improve your sight, as you are not starring at your monitor that much.

5. Best stress reduction

Would you look at this face? Makes you smile together with him. Deadline coming up? No need to worry. Just pet a bit the dog and you will automatically look at things differently. Having a blockage? Just throw the ball a bit, clear your mind and ideas will come flooding.


These types of benefits really only work with an open office where the dog is able to satisfy all of their general needs.

So, before you go running to your manager (or business partner) just evaluate your situation first. After all, a dog is for life!


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